Edl confuse brighton pavillion with mosque

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. (3) St George March For England | Awesome Screenshot

    Haha after their annual trip to Brighton with 600 riot police to protect them.
    Members of march for england complain about the creepin islamation of England.
    Daft cunts think the brighton pavillion george the 4ths shag pad by the sea is a mosque.
    Not exactly the master race are they? :)
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  2. Bit like complaining a lego toy is a blasphemy!
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  3. they truely are a bunch of geniuses aren't they. Had an interesting conversation with a couple of them in Chelmsford recently who claimed to be Afgan vets etc. Of course it was all bollox and they looked like the chimps they were to the crowd they were trying to recruit.
  4. here's another EDL priceless moment - Some muppet gets confused over a microphone

  5. If they're England's best defence you'll be on the prayer mat 5 times a day soon enough.
    I've eaten brighter potatoes.
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  6. He's got a point though - Press Tv are the mouthpiece of the Iranian Government.
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  7. They're very special boys.
  8. I did the Brighton Marathon last year and had to admit very surpised by the building, it's certainly architectularly unique and very beautiful and had never seen it before running past it. As for these morons.....they're just unique!

    'i'd love to see them dare build a mosque in Mecca........' Priceless.
  9. From the angry EDL Spokesman for Knowing your Enemy "... try building a Mosque in Mecca...". Do they accept intelligent lifeforms in their gang?
  10. They want to convert my Gran's favourite bingo hall into a mosque?
  11. Is it difficult to find people that stupid?
  12. The muslamic raygun song on youtube sums these cretins up.
    Afa and UAF have there share of numptys. My mate went to folkstone once to confront the "nazis"
    Saw somebody with a crew cut and a maroon t-shirt heading into a pub.
    Thats right are 3 brave anarchists heros rushed into start a fight with 3 para they managed to make to their 2cv getaway car :)
    Pursued by angry and confused paras There were maroon t-shirts everywhere:)
  13. So you're saying they, the unwashed, won!
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  14. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I believe just after the Prince of Wales built it, someone unkindly said "It looks like the Taj Mahal has come down to the seaside and pupped..."

  15. I had a similar experience on a train, with this moron wearing an EDL hoodie trying to convince me that he had done 3 tours of Ganners. When I asked him what Herricks he had been on,and where had he been based he just gave me a blank look. Fucking retards the lot of them