EDL at Luton - Look in the background!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by threesend, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. Ok we are all probably aware of the EDL or english Defence League formed 2 years ago in luton in anger against the returning troops from herrick. They have been in the news again this weekend...

    click the link to the speech made by "tommy robinson"....but look over his shoulder in the background...

    YouTube - Tommy Robinson speaks at EDL Demo in Luton

    I spotted at least 4 different blokes wearing berets with the following capbadges - royal signals, guards division, foriegn legion(i think)...

    can anyone id the capbadge the chubby fella is wearing in his beret, has a black beret with a red backing..

    also if they are serving still can they do this? are they allowed?

    MODS if i have posted this in the wrong forum - please move to a relevant one.

  2. Sixty

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    It's clearly a Kingos cap-badge being sported by the chunky monkey.

    Did you have a point or should I punt this to where it belongs?
  3. I can tell you that they are not allowed if still serving, to attend anything like that in uniform.
  4. on bbc news i spoted a para reg beret and capbadge during the footage of the EDL protest , on the same day as david camerans speech
  5. While I'm all in favour of people holding whatever lawful views they want, the Army's rightly an apolitical organisation and using any connection they might have/have had with it for political advantage is distasteful to me.

    There's a broad spectrum of opinion amongst serving and ex soldiers and to try to make out that 'the Army' supports any one but HMTQ is pretty underhand.
  6. Anyone can walk into Silvermans and walk out with a beret and badge. The bloke in DPM with the Guards beret needs to take advice if he wants to pass himself off as a Tom.
  7. put it in the hole mate, i was only wanting to find out if the army condones serving soldiers wearing berets or attending demos such as this one.
  8. Ex Army bods or civvies passing themselves as Forces, surely no serving squaddies would be stupid enough to attend wearing uniform/berets ?
  9. That KINGO is a shifty looking ****. He's acting like he's some sort of bodyguard. He's definitely got a bad case of 'KINGOEs' neck. The bloke with the FFL beret on looks like he's overdone the medication. Probably thinks that it's Remembrance Day Sunday.
  10. I'm trying not to laugh here mate.
  11. There was a call put out by some EDL idiot on Facebook for Ex serving members to turn up in Beret and Combat Jackets to serve as Bodyguard for Tommy Robinson!!
  12. Serving soldiers do attend EDL demo's, Who cares?

    Group of paki lads beat the son of a colleague up the other week, he was a white lad. They asked him what he was doing in their area, mugged him, and beat him up. It was obviously a racist attack, and when his parents tried to make sure it was logged as such, the police did not want to know. It seems it is all one way, and people are starting to get pissed off and vent their anger. Not always in the right way, but at least they care ffs!
  13. If someone states that they have been the victim of a racist attack then the police have to log it as such no matter the likelihood. Why was it a racist attack? Surely more the case of lads mugging someone who wasnt from their 'turf' rather than mug him because he was white?
  14. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    A bloke I know was arrested for a racist attack because he accused a Muslim taxi driver of fiddling his fare, it was kicked out of court because he had recorded the whole on his mobile phone,but the police did nothing about the Taxi driver wasting police time or the supposed "Witness" that came forward and lied his arrse off
  15. This lad is 16, and was on his way home from collage. They called him white this and that. They were also not caught by the way. It was a racist attack.