Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Dec 24, 2005.

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  1. A thread for smooj and Bull to cyber fist each other
  2. You just wouldn't get that in ASDA !!!!
  3. Where's Tiny Tim when you need him?
  4. You should complain. I am typing this five miles off the coast of a spectacularly nasty, cold and uninhabitable South Atlantic island. The brightest prospect in the near future is a wretched New Years Eve party in the NAAFI at MPA in the Falklands, being served warm tinned beer by the gap-toothed, pasty-faced trulls that man the bar.
    We will be spending Christmas day alongside in the aforementioned island, and the only females ashore weigh thirty stone and have flippers.. (Mind you, I never found that a problem in "Joanna's" :D )
  5. welcome to 24 hr shopping MDN i often moonlight in bars and nip into local 24 hr supermarkets to grab a few bits and spot the extras from shaun of the dead do the shopping.

    although the best case was shopping with family while on leave in the middle of the day to find a belmer in an aisle giggling to himself and drooling down his top.

    And closer inspection i think i've found bully's missing twin
  6. Smooje you weren't in a supermarket were you your family had took you to B&Q in the hope that you would find the powertools to play with and disfigure yourself enough so they could sue and spend the compo money on blue nun down nettos!!! You had simply wandered off (well you were let to wander intentionally on the hope that you would impale your face on a garden rake) down the mirror isle, unfortunatly the velcro on your trainers came undone and you tripped only to look up and see the offending person looking at you from the "magic window" :twisted:
  7. Disfigure this work of beauty for money not a chance and have a future career in the porn industry waiting. And we don't have netto round here anymore the chavs stole it.

    As for the velcro on my trainers it means i can put them on quicker before your dad catches me on your mum

    When you stop eating sausage rolls long enough to get your weight down to a level where you can wear anything but a maternity dress maybe we can continue this
  8. Dude you know mum jokes are below the belt, well thast where yours was most of the time when i last saw her :twisted:

    And i'll have you know i look dam good in a maternity dress. This btw is smoojalooge admitting defeat, he insults my mum and calls me fat when he's run out of decent put downs and has to resort to the obvious. Bless him it's not his fault he's not the sharpest tool in the box and hasn't been since the day those 3 army cadets mistook his face for a climbing wall and tried to tackle the overhang that is his forehead. That coupled with the fact that plastic surgeons made him from leftovers really hasnt given him good start in life. yes smooje your face is a work of art, but so was tracy emins dirty bedroom and that was less greasy.
  9. are you still smarting because i described your sex life as a barren tundra of pure emptiness. I know it must hurt that even your dog and the AIDs victim junky sleeping rough in the bus station have rejected you.

    But if you feel you have to take out your anger by laying into me here then fine i can take it. It's what mates are for.

    I'm sure the one for you is out there somewhere, she may have a labrador on a harness, a gammy leg and drool a bit, but i'm sure you'll be happy together
  10. Feck off smooje i dont want your ex's, who knows what they might have.
  11. good taste
  12. great another good thread ruined by Elton John and David Furnish bitch slapping each other in public.
  13. Wise words, mate. Couldn't you two play the Touching Winkies game in private?
  14. Could the Bull and Smooj get a room, i'll chip in if needed only their online fourplay, gets on my tits.