Editors have no right to imperil our troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plastic Yank, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. There have been numerous articles of individuals (usually civies) pontificating on the actions of the gents in the NOTW video. Many threads on this site have picked up on them and opinions have been vented and discussed.

    Whilst not being an apologist, this article seems to have a much better handle on the situation itself and the furore it has caused. Those who have been following the other threads will see some familiar names.

    nuff' said

    Article by Nigel Farndale - link:Sunday Telegraph Opinion

  2. A fair comment, always good to see the press getting moralistic about itself, but would it be churlish to observe that it's been written since the public reaction of "It's old news..." has been noted?
  3. Maybe not D_B - it's the first edition of the Sunday press since that NotW edition, so the author may not have been able to get any column inches before today.
  4. True, though it's rare for "opinion"-style comment to go against public opinion! :D

    Edited because I can't speel and to observe what a cynical old cow I'm becoming! :lol:
  5. Good find P-Y. I have only chanced across the NOTW once on ops, and it was also in Iraq.

    We had 2 journos from that pitiful rag attached to our BG. Both were exactly as I would expect - unshaven, grimy and faintly sleazy. You wouldn't have left your kids with them, put it that way.

    Anyway, they seemed cheerful enough and promptly enconsed themselves in our ambulance, coincidentally near the radiantly gorgeous female Medic. Soon after crossing the border, we put in a small tactical pause just N of SAFWAN, and were soon surrounded by curious Iraqis. One small boy approached and - predictably - was handed a packet of boilies by one of the CR2 boys.

    Boy goes off, sits down and eats sweets. Happy as Larry.

    Enter our fearless seekers of truth from the NOTW. The really vile one picks the boy up and takes him round the back of the nearest CR2, then throws stones at the boy at a range of about 2 metres until the kid starts crying.


    This picture was published all over the place. I was literally just behind the photographer's head when he took it.


    You may remember it - I wonder if Andy Coulson does as well?
  6. And you didn't throw a small rock at it? Bloody parasites...
  7. Well I wish I had done now! :)

    At the time, I pulled this little maggot to one side (I can look pretty fearsome when I screw my face up and growl) and asked him in no uncertain terms what he was doing. He said 'It's all about composition, the picture that sells the story. Who wants to see happy raghead kids?' Word perfect quote.

    Actually, I nearly shot one of them outside Az Zubayr, but that's a who-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-l-e different story! ;)
  8. The truth will out, eh?

    Damnit, Darth! "Nearly" isn't good enough! :lol:
  9. Oh please let us see this published. "Racist NOTW Journo in child abuse picture faking scandal"... would that be reporting it responsibly?

    Or would it put too many journo's in danger?

  10. the sad thing is will the little boy remember the kindness of British soldiers when he grows up or the little sh*ts who made him cry, for a few quid ? :twisted: :evil:
  11. And don't forget these scum, photographers and reporters, who grab the moral high ground and say the public have a right to know 'the truth'.

    I think soldiers on ops (or anywhere else for that matter) should use their 'squaddiematics' to capture pictorial evidence of how cushy the jernos actually get it and their sorded techniques of gathering 'the truth'. They could be posted here or sent to rival publications. After all, the public have the right to know.
  12. I wonder if a link to this thread could be promuglated to other papers. Darth, you willing to back it up? If not I'll climb back into my SLAM.
  13. Having seen a bunch of media today at JHF, I wish I had had my camera on me for they were the biggest bunch of Walts you've ever met. Fat, slimy and unshaven, I had to bite my tongue to be honest.

    All for releasing the NOTW photo story, they deserve to suffer.
  14. So, A picture speaks a thousand untruths. D-D, this is not a knee jerk reaction, I'm quite certain that if I was in your position I would have given this story to the competition. However, I doubt it would get out as the competition probably did similar. As we all know, It's not about people, it's about money.
  15. Correct. And I'll be damned if I'll sink to their level.

    That said, if any NOTW-hating journos want the story, it's yours for a few beers and a top night out in town... :)

    Only kidding, PTP...