Editing MP3 file Using Audacity

I've been given some MP3 files of gigs in my local pub. They are made from the mixing desk & each one is the entire gig as 1 MP3 file.

I want to cut the files into individual songs & have (on advice) downloaded Audacity which, I was told, was a "simple cut & paste" job to edit the files.

Alas, I can't seem to make it work! Could anyone offer an idiot's guide to the setting up of the Audacity program?

I can import the file I want to edit, but the rest is beyond me. What I need is a guide of the "First do this, you'll see a red light. Then do that & you'll see a green light" variety to get me rolling.

Thanks in advance.

Basically keep the entire file as a master - then delete all but track 1 and save as track 1. Reload master and delete track 1 and all but track 2 and save as track 2 etc.
YouTube - using audacity
Thanks Taffnp,

I've looked at this but am no clearer. I cannot seem to get the selected bits to cut away from the main & nor do I know where to put them. Can anyone describe the process for me in easy terms from the start? Whatever I'm doing wrong, I think it's at the beginning.

First make a copy of the mp3s so you don't accidentally mangle your one and only copy.
Try WAVOSAUR (free to download) if you have no luck. It's very easy to use. A few more steps involved but it does the job.

1. Convert files to WAV (I use Media monkey (MM) also free to download)
2. Edit in WAVOSAUR.
3. Convert back in MM.
I wrote some lengthy dits on Audacity (complete with screenshots), for my missus to use whilst I was away last year. They are on a different computer to the one I am using at the moment, but when I get the chance, I will get them for you.

Once you have got the hang of it, Audacity is an excellent program, so stick with it.
I was unable to find the dits I referred to above, so have cobbled this together for you.

1. Open the file you wish to work on in Audacity.

2. Decide where you want each track to start and finish.

3. Using the 'Selection Tool' click and drag to highlight the graphic from the start point to the finish point of the track. (See first pic.)

4. From the 'Edit' drop down menu, select 'Trim'.

5. Click and drag to select the blank area to the left of what remains. (See second pic.)

6. From the 'Edit' drop down menu, select 'Cut'. (See third pic.)

7. To save the track, from the 'File' drop down menu, select 'Export...', edit the metadata if you wish, click on 'OK', name your track and ensure you choose the right type of file to save as, eg MP3, WAV, AIFF etc.

1. As MSR says, first make a copy.
2. You should be able to see from the graphic the likely places. This should involve a lot of listening.
3. The cursor looks like a capital i when in the graphic area. The cursor must be on the graphic when you do this operation.
4. After you have trimmed, you should listen to see if you are happy with the start and end. If you have trimmed too much, 'Undo' and have another go. If you want to remove more, highlight the bit you want to remove, and 'Cut'. The old adage 'Measure twice, cut once' does not apply here.
5. This may not be necessary for the first track.



Apologies for the late reply, been away!

This is just what I needed, I have now been able to edit 3 tapes & feel OK that it's all gone right. I've even got the new tracks into iTunes without dramas.

Thanks a lot.

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