Editing downloaded songs

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by REMEbrat, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. I have downloaded a song from YouTube and would like to use a single line as a ring tone, how do I trim the song so I only copy the part I want onto my phone?
  2. err... well, for a start, I'd suggest getting a copy from a source other than YouTube. An audio file might be better. Then I'd get a copy of Audacity. IIRC, it can chop from the beginning or end of the file.

    Alternatively, you could just buy a copy of the damn song. Probably easier.
  3. Well that won't solve the fact that he just wants part of the song for a ring tone.

    I use an age old program called Cool Edit Pro 2, it's ancient but easy to use for simple audio editing. They are numerous newer (better) ones, but I don't know of any.
  4. Without the need for any extra programmes I would bung it on Microsoft moviemaker. This allows easy cropping of soundtracks. You can save it as a Mpeg, upload it to youtube and then download it again as an audio file.

    long winded but works.
  5. I use Audacity. Free to download and easy to use. You can clip any song to the length you need. The only issue I found was either through a PC meltdown or not going for the premium (paid) option it clipped them into a format that wasn't compatiable to my phone, but luckily I already had software to convert to MP3 format.

    Just out of interest what's the song? Some ARRSEr may have in MP3 format already.
  6. I suppose it was inevitable that someone would ask which song it was eventually...

    Come on admit it, you too want your phoning calling out the chorus whenever you receive a text message. :wink:
  7. You sneaky little tease. :D

    So, what's it genre and what does it sound like? I haven't got a soundcard at work and I won't be bothered to log on whan I get home.
  8. It's a comedy song by some of the comedians from the US TV show Saturday Night Live. It's like a rap parody, but actually rather funny.