Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Dontdreamit, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. IE was quite rightly rejected as it's not designed to be paid during field conditions, as per JSP 752:

    If you were out for 10 days continuously, you should be entitled to LSA at the appropriate rate.

    1. What kind of Exercise doesn't have a water supply! You must be kidding! 8O

    2. How much laundry do you do on a two week Ex? :roll:

    Nice try, but I think your RAO's answer is going to be something like "Dry your eyes princess, and man the f*** up, wetpants."
  2. Can you shed some light on your 'entitlement' to a phone call home every day, sweet cheeks!
    After 23 years, I dont recall seeing that gem unless the rules have changed. And laundry, FFS!!!

    Sweeeeet jeeeeesuuuuss! what kind of exercises do we have these days.

    I can hear the outrage wagon being cranked over as I type......
  3. I can kind of see why he might think that's the case - IE is designed to be paid if you stay in Temporary Service Accommodation, or hotels. (i.e. if you're on a course, meeting, or other peacetime type activity).

    But for an Exercise? FFS..... :x
  4. If field conditions are applied or granted this means you will not pay your usual food and accommodation charges. If field conditions are granted you can not claim incidental expenses. If field conditions are not grant and you are away either on exercise or course you can claim £5 per day for UK courses/exercise and £10 per day for courses/exercise in Germany.
    If no drinking water was available this is serious matter you should pass up the chain of command. I don't know the situation but NCO's and/or officers should have sorted that at the time.
  5. Is that true! 10 days!
  6. LOL easy all. Just asking.

    Allow me to dry behind my fookin ears :)