Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dontdreamit, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. I think you need to have a check of the 2 MI Bn ORBAT. Sigh :roll:
  2. I only post cause a beloved corps member indicated that they were now gone.
  3. If you mean:

    Then you are wrong on 2 counts. S_N no longer serves - gone but not forgotten and he can still be seen dressed as a biker in any village people pop video.

    Then he merely stated that the Sect used to be known as AISU. That means it's had a name change. As a hint, if you look at my previous post you should be able to work out what the first digit is of the Sects number..............

    I'm trying to be nice but I've had a shit day and if you've been in long enough to know what AISU does then you should have a basic knowledge of the bde ORBAT.
  4. somebody got out of bed the wrong side this evening!
  5. So u pedantic cnut

    The name AISU gives some indication of thier role...

    How does a numerical figure ie Bn followed by Coy give any indication what they do??

    They could be any old section doing any number of jobs.
  6. God help you when you're filling out a PPP* you retarded fuckwit.
  7. Blow me d1ckhead.

    You mean the PPP that asks for approximate geo location and job role?

    I don't remember any juniors getting to request an individual section.

    WTF has that got to do with AISU renaming?
  8. When you've been in long enough to a get a CR sonny, there is a box on the front saying which employment you'd like and another for your boss to say what he/she recommends you for.

    This box can be as specific as you want, as can your OCs comments on your PPP. Although I'd suggest your boss recommends you for another capbadge.
  9. I visited them a couple of months ago. Good bunch of guys.
  10. 215. Damn, said it.
  11. Well it's a good thing your suggestions don't matter. I am pretty sure asking if AISU is still around isn't a major failing in the Corps.

    And I have recieved my first CR thanks. It was gleaming. Don't remember it saying PPP anywhere on it eagle eye.
  12. the force is weak in this one...

    i don't think you are as much of a chopper as op int & spy says, but the above make you look less worldly-wise than you might like.

    (can't wait till you end up working for op int & spy lol)
  13. Does AF1771 still hate me? :)
  14. Many would argue that he wasn't serving when he was actually collecting the "queen's shilling" 8O