Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dontdreamit, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Finished uni with debt and a hangover and a *shudder* third

  2. I got to my second year..

  3. First year...

  4. I graduated the University of Life scumbag! Welcome to big school!

  1. Went to one of the worst schools my home city has to offer, and I am a better person for it. Achieved nothing more than 5 o'levels but, and I feel those that know me will agree, have not done too badly from it. Degrees prove that you were too scared to face lifes challenges early on and hung on to the education band wagon for as long as possible.

    As an aside, the lads without degrees in my section are arguably the better tradesmen!
  2. Yeah, I know, Im new around here so my opinion isn't going to be worth much to you guys, but....

    Im going to be finishing uni in May, most likely with a 2:1 in Business Management & looking back, I dont think I really know anything about running a business. With the exception of the 3hr written exams, almost all of my assignments have been the product of a night without sleep & a pile of books taken from the library the day before the hand in date.

    In all seriousness, it is much harder to write an essay for A Levels. In my first year, I didn't realise how much they expect you to reference books, journals & whatever else can be used to answer the question. All this means is that, for example, if you have a 4000 word target, 2000 of that will be taken straight from your research material (which can be found within hours, not days - easy).

    eye_spy, "Degrees prove that you were too scared to face lifes challenges early on and hung on to the education band wagon for as long as possible."

    That is pretty accurate, I like to describe it as pausing life for 3 years, this however does not mean that I haven't matured considerably over the past 3 years.

    I was actually planning on having a career in the Army but, things didn't go to plan. During my AS Levels, I decided that id had enough of this learning lark, hoped on a bus and headed for the recruitment office. Filled the forms, did the BARB, passed selection at Glencourse & then just sat waiting for basic to start. Then I get a phone call from the recruitment office, apparently something somewhere had caused the start date basic to be pushed back. This meant that the time between me passing selection & starting basic had passed an expiry date, ergo id have to do the selection again.

    The result:

    Withdrew my application
    Finished my A Levels
    Headed off to uni
    Will be applying for Officer Selection.....god i have digressed.

    P.S. Please excuse my grammar, im dyslexic & im sure there will be errors in there somewhere - I do try.
  3. ^ Oh & thats just to point out how useless university can be/is.

    Theory isn't worth bugger all without practice, & anyway, I have never heard about a degree in Intelligence Corpsing. So what use would a degree be to you guys who intend to stay career soldiers?
  4. Crashed and burned early on-relied on theOU to restoresome respectability later on.
  5. Graduated with a 3rd and a pile of debt owned to the student loans company, shortly followed by an RCB fail. 8)

    And what have I done with my BA (Hons) since graduation? Bugger all, thats what. Qualifications don't really make much difference once you've signed up.
  6. Didn't even manage to "graduate" from school, left on day before my 16th birthday.
  7. lol @ Invicta!!

    Good shout mate
  8. dunno, but i know lots who are trying to get degrees before they get out. so maybe it's useful after your 22 are up.

    i dropped out after a year of A levels to join the army and see the world. mind you, the adverts still said you could do that in 1989. :)
  9. Your spelling and grammar still pisses all over some of the chav texting dross on this site!

    Not going to Uni is one of my regrets, I saw how much my mates enjoyed it, but what I regret more is not getting myself a decent trade when I had the chance. Still doing mong jobs for a few years provided the motivation to join up.
  10. Drifted into Uni (without a clue what it was about) cause that was what everyone else was doing, drifted out again at end of 1st year and joined the Corps about 18 months later.

    22 years and 4 language courses later I'm back at Uni with half a clue and actually enjoying it :D
  11. 4 langs?

    Interesting. Never fancied the linguist biz.

    What langs you got?

    Arabic / Farsi

    Russian and................. Serbo Croat?
  12. Missed out on Welbeck, devasting at the time (15years old never failed anything)

    Gave up at college, worked nights 5-2 4nights a week and did the whole college thing during the day as awell as semi-pro sport. Needless to say I didn't manage to hit my 3 A's target at A-level, so I didn't get to do what I wanted at a decent University... lasted a year of Law before I decided that my life was utterly boring and I wanted to try for the Army again, as I knew I'd regret for life not joining up when I had the chance. 8 months on and I've got my start date for basic. After that who knows :D

    Uni is certainly something I want to do again in the future this time doing something I enjoy after a (hopefully) very successful career with the Int Corps
  13. 4 langs?

    Interesting. Never fancied the linguist biz.

    What langs you got?

    Arabic / Farsi

    Russian and................. Serbo Croat?
  14. I went to Uni in '92 as I didn't have a clue what else to do after A levels. It was also still failry cheap to be a student back then. I would have second thoughts if I was an 18 year old now. I did achieve my three objectives as a student though:

    1. Move out of the family home for the first time.
    2. Avoid getting a full time job for 3 years.
    3. Have a good time, drink lots of beer, meet lots of girls and attempt to charm them into bed (unsuccessfully most of the time!).

    Mind you, if I went to Uni now I know that I'd work a hell of a lot harder and come away with better grades.