Who are the only team to have played and remain unbeaten by Barcelona in Europe?

  • Dundee United

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  • Dundee United

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Dontdreamit said:
Ah. Motherwell fan. Knew there was one.

Better luck next year though :p
Who is your Dundee or Motherwell? What is this football?

Bored now...
Football is a game between 2 teams each fielding 11 men (or women).

The object being to kick an inflated sack across soggy grass. It's pretty pointless but I guess that's the beauty...like arrse lol

If either team is Manchester United they will be awarded as many fouls as necessary to achieve a penalty in their home stadium, especially if losing.
Dontdreamit said:
Dundee United are third in the SPL and on course for Europe.

Just thought I would share :D

Get in the Tangerine Tigers!!

Follow the glory here!
Would this post be similar to the English newspapers saying "we can do it this year"? :wink:

SPL? That's like the Vauxhall Conference isn't it? :twisted:
you mean "septic's" feeder club ????

played well last weekend, still losers though. :D :wink: :D :wink:

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