Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dontdreamit, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Welcome to 1945, Britain!
  2. I`ve heard the Germans have a good system, but would have to look into it before commenting further.
  3. Yes there is a better way. But it would cost more.
  4. If they invested in their people, we wouldn't have so many ex-squaddies living rough on our city streets.
  5. The "right thing to do" has been replaced by "hard business decisions" so we won't see things improving for our forces for a long time.

    We are also filling our vacancies by recruiting foreign nationals instead of improving pay and conditions to attract our own people.

    Eight years ago I met an old chap at work, he was a member of the local rotary club and at that time I guessed he was also a member of the conservative party. As we took his wife to hospital the conversation came round to Politics, he became increasingly agitated as he talked about Labour and the European Union.

    He said "I am not a violent man but I would take up arms against this government". I thought that it was a strange thing to say.

    Some eight years later I can see what he meant.
  6. It is not a duty of care issue - this is a specific matter concerning negligence. The army are not under any obligation to provide for a serviceman's education - outside of the education that is required for him to do his job. If there no duty owed to provide it, then the army cannot be negligent if they fail to do so.

    But... yes I agree it should be opened up to what the individual needs or wants, and not goverened by a third-party view of what it is perceived that the individual should have.
  7. So who is not telling these corporals and everyone else what they are entitled to? Why is there not an Army-wide proactive policy to encourage educational development alongside and complementary to professional development? If it is purely unit-driven, then an individual's access to something they're entitled to will always be subject to the interest level of their seniors.

    Ah yes, funding. If the Government can ignore requests for funds for war-fighting materials, they'll ignore funding requests for anything and everything else without so much as blinking an eye.

    Hahahaha! The Government laughs at your common sense and no-spin attitude. You have missed the cunning benefit of former squaddies living on the streets: they don't show up on official statistics of numbers out of work and claiming benefit.
  8. I thought the poll was about implementing a 'GI Bill' not "Is the current system working?" My answer to the posted question regarding a Brit GI Bill mirroring that extant in the USA is YES.... thou it WILL cost a lot of money..though no more, perhaps, than the amount that absurd woman is intending to spend on racially discriminating against white British males.
  9. You are entitled to your opinion and I accept that - but the duty to take reasonable care is a legal concept, and whether you think that there is a duty or not does not really matter - there is not. There is a wealth of information on the matter on the internet which you can research if you wish.

    The army are required to invest in a soldier's education insofar as it is required for him to do his job as soldier - nothing more, therefore anything else is a bonus.

    Resettlement is not a right - it is an entitlement. If it were a right then all soldiers would have an unequivocal claim on its benefits - and they do not, they must first satisfy qualifying criteria. There is no criteria for a right - it is given as a done deal.

    The ELC and SLC benefits have been going for a number of years, and if it is as you claim in the infantry, then I would be looking closer at that unit's administration of its soldiers rather than an army-wide failing. It is certainly well known in my unit what entitlements are available, they are published as a repeat order every 3 months.
  10. I dont think tis called the GI Bill any more - its renamed after

    some Senator who actually enhanced it even more (well done to him)

    The Irish Defence Forces operate a refund of fees scheme

    you can apply to do any course and upon successful completion they pay

    ALL you tution fees-you also get exam and study leave and most Unit

    Commanders encourage it and actively aid those studying

    A guy in one Unit study and qualified to be a Barrister and he was a Sgt

    at the time-

    Under teh Refund scheme once you pass practically any course you chose

    they will pay for it

    there is a second tier for adult education- if you want to go to the local

    adult education scheme and do guitar playing at night they will fund it to

    a certain level etc.

    Sorry for the long winded reply- and one dope is going to reply

    why havent you done proper grammar courses etc- Because I am plain

    thick and I prefer to spend my time defiling your mother.

    How does your scheme operate- whilst ours is good I think the Yanks

    have an even better one.