Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Dontdreamit, Mar 3, 2008.

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    In order to get into teaching you need an Honours degree in your subject to want to teach then do PGCE, RTP or GTP. The rest is media spin
  2. U.S have been running a successful scheme for quite a while known as Troops To Teachers.

    I Believe there is a thread running on this somewhere already. But like walting-matilda states, a bit of a none story as far as the U.K version is concerned. You will still need your degree plus teaching thing-a-me-jig.

    Unlike the U.S there is no extra funds available to ex forces to help get you through a few years at Uni. Your pretty much on your Jack Jones.
  3. Also the issue is that if you try to use your learning credits to pay for the degree (cost 3000 a year) then this kills any chance of student loans/grants etc.

    So I hear you. great idea but not gonna happen.
  4. If you want the info on teaching JUST TYPE IT IN on your search engine . There are alternative methods for entry to teaching . For example if you already have a HND you can apply to do a 2 yr PGDE Post Grad diploma in Education which then qualifies you to be teacher . However there are one or two other hoops to jump through.

    Secondly do as I am doing , take a Hons Degree with Open University in the subject you wish to teach then apply for PGDE:

    There is a great shortage of teachers at present and if you are prepared to teach in a "problem area " there are also quite a few perks , for example a golden helo of 6,000 pounds in some areas.

    The soldiers to teachers scheme was based on the fact that many young teachers do not have the personality or strength of character to teach unruly kids whereas they think we do :?
    Although I'm not sure quite how pokey drill and the odd beasting behind the bike sheds would go down ....

    If you want to teach in Scotland as I do, google this site TEACHING IN SCOTLAND ( Obvious really :oops: )

    Thre's loads of info available, too much to put on here:

    One or two requirements or nice to have's you will need to arrange a placement in a school which is really just a work experience thing . and have evidence of having worked with children ....(and no officers don't count !!! 8) ) football teams or scouts or that kind of thing .
  5. The HND you will do a Registered Teacher programme. That means you will have to finish a 3rd year to get a degree and work as a teacher Part time (******* hard). The do a work experience PGCE. At the end of the day you have to do 3 years education and 1 or 2 years teacher training. I did the PGCE route and believe it makes you into a better teacher. The other ways have a very steep learning curve. Ive heard of people getting tutor groups while still in there first year of teaching.
  6. Easy son, :D I wasn't asking anyone to do the hard work for me just enquiring whether anyone had succesfully used the troops to teachers program.

    However if the level of support is that low then who the arr*e would take a large pay cut and saddle themselves with debt to move to an inner city :? :? :? :?

    To be blunt
  7. Wot 30,000 a year, 8 weeks summer 2 weeks half term, 4 weeks Christmas. answer you question?
  8. I think it'd be great having troops teach us! Cadets all day fcuk school!!
  9. After spending 7 years of my own time studying to become a maths teacher (Degree in Pure & Applied Mathematics followed by CertEd -andragogic and topped up with pedagogic diploma) then achieving QTS via a ridiculous hoop jumping exercise I found the starting pay of circa £25,000 a F*cking insult for a lot of hard work! Now..... the Project Manager's job I have just walked into starting on £35,000 with a £7K car allowance, first class travel expenses 38 days holiday and home office is a much better offer! not to mention the list of very expensive qualifying courses my boss is about to send me on.

    Teaching is for people who like teaching, the pay is crap and you need the long holidays even if they are split up by staff training. There are much more rewarding ways of using your education. I would suggest teachers are people motivated by teaching and kids rather than money and time off; until they go permanently sick on the pension scheme at 55 for stress of course :wink:
  10. Yeah in state school. Independent schools pay much better and better holidays!
  11. I am pretty sure the pay rate for a teacher and the accrued holiday is less than a SNCO within the British Army never mind a WO or higher.

    So again, I can't really see the incentive.

    The americans have it right on the money with the GI bill.
  12. Have a look for yourself HERE

    Some private schools pay a little more (but I really mean some, most peg teachers pay against the national scales and make them work longer hours) but really not much unless you have a Phd, special skills or perhaps some qualification which can attract credibility or prestige(Country/ County level sports coach or some such) or some speciality teaching skills (SEN, excellence, leadership etc) A few private boarding schools have slightly higher payscale but the working hours are longer including evening duties, they may throw in some perks like tied accomodation. Most private schools will require that you have taught within the state sector and have a proven track record exception is for sports staff (you find quite a few ex PTI's on the coaching staff of private boarding schools) and shortage subjects (Maths, Physics and Science) where they may take you on for your Degree rather than your teaching quals.

    Your view that Army pay is better is about right, and at least in the Army you can still get away with throwing blackboard rubbers at gobby kid's heads :wink:
  13. Anyone who thinks working in the independent sector is some sort of idyllic Tom Brown's Schoolday affair may want to read this:Telegraph Article
  14. So what are you saying? You think that all teachers in independent schools are underpaid perverts?