Who are you and why do you want to know?


(Hope this isn't related to the recent loss of an HAC Tpr)

Why not contact their Training wing and ask if your already serving as it is now open to all arms as recently advertised in Soldier.
My Mates there now. I believed 6 passed the course. Trust me there was more than 6 on it @ the start. Hope that gives you a clue to how hard it is. Oh and he's a Royal Engineer.

But if you bothered to search this site there are loads of questions and answers about 4/73 Spec Ops Bty.

Edited because i cant remember numbers.......
There's an article in Soldier this month on 4/73 (or it might be Gunner, I picked them up at the same time... so that doesn't really help as you'd not be asking the question if you were a Gunner Magazine reader. Doh!)

Edit to state the bleeding obvious.

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