Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Dontdreamit, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. WTF is WTF?
  2. World Tickling Foundation?
  3. Wu Tang Fan?
  4. It's Jet Kun Do pronounced without the front teeth: Wet Tun Fo.
  5. Wind Milling
  6. World Taekwondo Federation - it's sport Taekwondo.
  7. Well if its a bunch of blokes prancing about in their PJs, I'd recognise it.
  8. Whatever happened to 'Fukyoo', the ancient Scottish art of fighting with only the forehead?
  9. Just checked my map,and to the best of my knowledge,it's still there.
  10. Dontdreamit:

    I've checked the book and it dosen't appear too clear until Para 8.2 on page 116. It reads:

    "All full contact Martial Arts will be recognised by this association and we, therefore, grant full privilidges in terms of leave, insurance and financial reconciliation to members who partake in said martial arts. However, this is not limited to farcical sporrting events which are classes as 'gay as fuck'".

    Sorry mate, looks like you've shit out.
  11. Poor show, old boy: the Art has far more to it than the basic Malky. For example, there's also the lethal technique of BootRaBa'sOfYe, which can be used against either a standing opponent or as a finisher against one who is already on the ground. John Smeaton holds a Black and Blue Belt in this Art.

    Then there are the Scottish Weapon Arts, such as Chib-Jutsu and Bucky Bottle Do. :twisted:
  12. Don't forget the traditional Kiai: "GETINTAETHEBAS!" Absolutely terrifying.