You may be able to claim under Nugatory Holiday Expenditure but I wouldn't hold out much hope - JSP 752 Ch 10 Sect 9. Can your interview not be re arranged?? before or after your leave/authorised absence? - seems a bit short sighted to me to say the least.

JSP 760 (Leave) para 2.008 "Service personnel should be recalled from Authorised Absence only for the most compelling reasons."

Not convinced a CO's interview is a "most compelling reason".

Looking at JSP 752 I doubt that you would qualify for Nugatory Holiday Expenditure however your Adjt should be able to authorise a Duty Claim.

Once the Adj found out I was going home for a wedding it was all squared away with no dramas.

Appreciate the help though, as always - ARRSE answers all :)

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