Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dontdreamit, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. Man at Q&Ms - for Int Corps you are not very bright.
  2. LOL

    Just a Jnr who doesnt want to go around ringing everybody and pissing them off.
  3. If your QM does not hold any he can order them in - if you give him enough lead time. Failing that the nearest Training Depot will hold a stock.
  4. Try E-Bay.
    item Z190176953185
  5. 11111111.........................A set of ones....

    Just trying to get a Byte....

    I'll get my coat.............
  6. ICA did have some sets of No1s for the exact purpose that you are requiring...
  7. Get your coat? I think that you need to be put down!
  8. well there are 8 of them and 8 bits make a byte don't they?

    hold that taxi
  9. I was just commenting on the cheesy joke, not the technical content!
  10. I'll check for you if you drop me a PM. with sizings

    or here for you
  11. Jesus... :roll: What's even worse is that Devex counted them...
  12. If you're in the Fatherland you have to ask for "Nummer Eines".