Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Dontdreamit, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. You mean "Combat Correspondent"........

    Animal Mother "Seen much combat?"

    Joker "Seen a little on TV"

    W@nker, put your fisher price camera down and pick up a rifle :lol: :lol:
  2. Hi,

    Apologies for no one replying to your thread...so you want to be an Army Phot..

    Ok, First of all we are capbadged RLC (For some bizarre reason), there are only about 46 of us in total, our jobs vary from Media Ops to doing other stuff, sorry thats a bit vague..

    To apply, first of all you have to speak with you nearest Wo2 Photographer, I can tell you who this is if need be, he will interview you and look at any images you may have, he will then recommend as to what happens next..

    Next you attend a one week Army Phot Selection cadre, this includes a maths test, a PFT, Photo test and two interview panels (amongst a few other things)

    If you pass the selection then you will be invited to attend the Career Phot course, a seven month long course if you pass then you become an Army Phot.

    You should a Lcpl or Cpl, fully fit...believe it or not we run around a bit.

    Its a great job very challenging, if you like you Op Tours then its great as you can deploy as part of a Combat Camera Team or as a Bde phot.

    Any other questions then please let me know

  3. *Hold in belly laugh*
  4. Funny but semi-true. I seem to remember seeing a lad getting rounds down on Telic with a Camera man so close he was getting hit in the face with his Empty cases.
  5. "with a magazine containing five films.. in your own time...carry on"
  6. Camera Snaps alright, camera snaps alright, camera stops.....

  7. Camera takes a few more pics then stops........

    Sorry, couldnt resist!!
  8. On looking at shutter cocking mechanism it is interlocked with the film transport mechanism....go on
  9. Come on fellas.....some good Digital Camera Handling Drills please!!!!!
  10. That is so old school. It's all digital now...
    Speaking to a WO2 photographer on a tour last year I was told that they get brand new cameras for the start of each tour as they generally are trashed by the end, what with the dust and heavy use...
    I'm not talking your pocket sized cameras here, they cost upwards of £500 a piece...
  11. Camera's shooting, camera's shooting, camera's shooting, camera stops.... on tilting the Nikon towards you, you observe a flashing battery icon... go on.
  12. LOL!

  13. LOL!