Discussion in 'RLC' started by Dontdreamit, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. yes it's true. Although I don't know how you'd go about it? Speak to your platoon cmdr regarding transferring I suppose?
  2. Link does not seem to work.

    Anyone else got any info on this?
  3. Wouldn't bother mate, you'll be 6 foot under and long gone before you make WO2! - ArmyNET web team striiiike again! 8O

    All joking aside, check your PM's

  4. Watch out mate,it's just a trick.....it's like the scene from Goodfellas where Danny deVito walks into the room thinking he's gonna get made and get's a bullet in the head instead..........you think you're gonna become a photographer but they say they need you to be a 'chef'........

    Johnny(we really need a chef)onthe spot

    (you heard it here first) :chef:
  5. The Photographer trade is small - very small and it takes a few Cpl each year from across the Army. Promotion speeds are hard to predict in such a small trade - for some it must seem like 187 yrs. The best get through, but equally if you are following a couple of stars they might block promotion for a few years. It is not for all but job satisfaction seems to be high. Apply through your RCMO for transfer to the RLC Photographer trade.
  6. Brilliant, thanks all