Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dontdreamit, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. Ex forces i think generally are better suited to roles of influence and discipline.

    Police, Prison Service, Teachers, Security etc I think are roles where military background would have a good affect.
  2. Fronting any Police Interview Board, be it for promotion, transfer to a specialist position or simply as a candidate to join the police, being Ex Forces with an Honourable Discharge will stand the applicant in good stead, especially if there are Ex Forces on the Board :wink: but it doesn't necessarily make them a better police officer than say a person who was a Salesman in Burtons or a Bank Clerk with the Belfast Savings Bank.

    In my view those who settle into the job and become good solid Plods are those who have the maturity gained through the hard knocks of making a living in the hard cruel world of trade, commerce and industry, rather than coming straight from College or University with very little or no work experience.

    In days gone by the recruitment policy of the Royal Irish Constabulary was to recruit men straight from the plough - for they were known to be slow but steady.

  3. This is sadly, just another cliched argument which pops up from time to time.

    To some extent the suggestion holds substance but there are obvious flaws. For example an IT Techie in civvie street and his army counterpart will be as useless as each other as Police patrols although there will be the odd exception.

    Most people with a decent trade will be off in that direction.

    Of the 'suitable' people remaining, a good proportion will already have a criminal record or be on the way to acquiring one.

    Which leaves the minority who leave the Forces and join a Police Service. Well they already do and it makes no difference. All the comment means is that there is an opinion that someone else can pick up the tab for sorting out society, just so long as it doesn't require any time effort or money.
  4. I can speak about a couple of forces who actively prevent ex forces recruitment.They prefer minorities(priority one),women(priority two) or people with degrees in underwater knitting.Ex Forces have standards and discipline,which they carry with them.PC police recruiters do not like that.Thus we have got some serious rubbish amongst the younger police.
  5. 9 years served in the RMP, 7 Op tours, 3 Police applications and on not one have I got past the application form stage despite help from many with police connections in completing it.
  6. Hope thats the case as im about to apply again soon.

    As for the signature, on both counts its proved correct again this week!
  7. Not that I know your policing ability, but keep going for it, depending on what position you are applying for, may be that your over qualified.

    It does become demotivating when you see so many knobjockeys making it through when they aint the right ones for the job.

    Good Luck, fourth time lucky!!
  8. Muhandis, can you say what forces please?
  9. Which Force?
  10. Recently there was a scandel in which it was found police were simply throwing away 10-50% of applications from white men without reading them to get the minority figures up.

    If you've had applications turned down without valid reason (i.e. they didn't write to you and say "we have had several applications from people with more experiance than you", which seems unlikely in your case) there should be a formal process you can go through to find out why your application wasn't sucsessful. (If there isn't try a FOI request)

    If it turns out that they're pulling a similar stunt again, the Daily Mail will buy your story for more than you'll ever earn as a copper.
  11. The met, Merseyside and the BTP
  12. By the way, ex RMP instructor in Police duties too.