use the search function there was a thread about going to germany (or about the best place to go and postings to germany got discussed) not that long ago.

i would do it for you but i am a lazy fecker.
You need to check the following:

Are you posted to 11 MI? or 111 MI Sect?

One is the Coy HQ and the other is the Div Int Cell.

The best bet is to give them a ring and ask them direct. Generally its good and busy.

Life in Germany is good. Cheap booze, cheap fags and cars. Herford is a nice town, though a bit limited in nights out, but it has a bustling cafe society. Bielefeld is 10km away and is better. Hannover is 1hr away (nearest int airport), and berlin easily accessible by train (4hrs).

Your accom will be 1-2miles from town centre and train station. Use of section car to get you from accom to work, (sperate camps). Accom not shared by signallers, you live in an Int Corps building almost like a flat.

That was the sit approx 18mnths ago, but as I said the best bet is to ring, introduce yourself and ask to speak to one of the other jnrs there to get the ish.
Dontdreamit said:
Cheers appreciate that.

I posted elsewhere on the site looking for a private rent cause my missus (fiance - not married) wants to come out in the New Year.

Is this the done thing? Can you live off base?
Its the Int section - I spoke to a Cpl there a few days ago. They gave me a few pointers. JHQ travel cell etc.

i don't know if you can live out in germany but if you can you will have to write to your OC asking for permission first.
Yeah you can live out if you wish. Don't know the rental rates (it would depend on what size shagging palace you require). Live in the accom initially, get permission (a formality), and look for a suitable location. Several people have done it before so there should be no hiccups.

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