Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Mr_Logic, Jan 3, 2007.

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  2. Charles Dick??

    Oh how we laughed through his GRAPPLE pre-deployment briefing in the Cinema @ Tidworth :cry:

    For Muj related advice you might be better asking Ken Connor
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  5. Figured that out after I'd paid the £21.84 on Amazon. Incidentally the maps are very pale on the hardcopy print and much easier to view on the pdf. All the better if you're up for printing 284 pages off on the work Lexmark!
  6. I’m currently reading “Afghanistan The Bear Trap” By Mohammad Yousaf and Mark Adkin ISBN: 0 85052 860 7, RRP £12.95 (I paid £4.99 on E- Bay). The books main author was a Brigadier in Pakistani Army working for the ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) and was responsible for logistical supply of the Mujahideen by supplying them with arms ammo (That the CIA provided). The book does not cover small scale battle field tactics but gives a good feel for the mentality of the fighters and supply problems they faced and is worth a reed just for that.

    Also when on Telic I came across a very detailed PDF on low level tactics used by the Mujahideen with lots of detail on such things as reducing the back blast signature of RPG’s and ambush tactics I seem to remember that it was a US Department of Defence Doc and Classified as Unclassified official use only so I may still have it if I can find it I will PM you and try to get a copy to you.
  7. These ones, perhaps?

    TRADOC Bulletin 3 - Soviet RPG-7 Antitank Grenade Launcher
    November 1976

    This one's more about tactics than technical detail:

    A Weapon For All Seasons: The Old But Effective RPG-7 Promises to Haunt the Battlefields of Tomorrow

    And this one has lots of pictures, but not much on tactics:

    Links courtesy of the following recent Tanknet thread (credit where credit's due):