Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dontdreamit, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. I would see it more as evidence that the "community" - certainly in the US - is already divided. When 9/11 happened the US threw a huge, huge amount of money at the problem very quickly. Rather than a planned expansion of what was already there anyone and everyone set up their own little empire. NYC in particular got a huge amount of cash, and who living there would dare to argue they didn't need their own home grown anti-terrorist unit while the ashes still smouldered ? That said, opposition from the CIA and FBI is mentioned in the blurb.

    The fact that most of this work was nugatory at best wasn't even mentioned - I mean, crticising all those hard working loyal citizens - you must be one of those un-American godless faggot liberals boy !

    There have been a a number of wider critiques of US anti-terror spending post 9/11 arguing that far too much has been spent on irrelevant projects because the funding is there and organisations wish to get their slice, while the real threats aren't targeted.
  2. I remember reading that the US has over 50 intel gathering agencies and they all seem to be private empires, It was also rumoured that the NYPD set this unit up because the Federal agencies would not give enough intel.
  3. well, that would kind of depend on the nature of the information received, wouldn't it...? :roll:
  4. Of course we would, Police = operational primacy.
  5. I think you've just proved you don't understand what "operational primacy" actually means .... Think G3, not G2.
  6. (without sarcasm) Feel free to educate me
  7. The converse is also true, to not evacuate in the face of NO advice. The last DG was placed on the spot over this at a security industry seminar in 1 Canada Square about 4 years ago.

    One of the red tabs ran a scare story that Canary Wharf was the next target and , with management unable to produce government counter-advice, over 60% of staff threw a sicky the next day. city lost £Bn+++
  8. Hang on, the reason 9/11 happened was because there were too many intelligence agencies not sharing information with each other. How will making another one help?
  9. police primacy is pretty basic stuff dontdreamit. what DO they cover on the A3 nowadays :)
  10. I think it makes sense to be honest,as it means the NYPD is not having to rely on Federal agencies for all their intelligence needs.
    With millions of people from across the four corners of the globe calling New York City home,I'm not surprised this unit has found themselves operating in Singapore,Paris,Peckham etc.