Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dontdreamit, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I agree about defence spending but not being inferior to the US Army

  1. Can you copy and paste it in thread please?
  3. Brittan has more than proved it’s self militarily, and as a great ally. My hat is off to any all Britons who serve and those who support the ongoing operations. A great debt of gratitude is owed to all of you.
  4. (“The Americans are at war, but we are on operations,” one British officer says)

    says it all really. the labour government were never really serious about doing the job. If they were the resources required to do the job would have been found.
  5. I think it's a good article which makes some important and perhaps tough points.

    Compared to the US we simply don't have the overall level of investment, and cannot operate at anywhere near their capacity, which is vital for the kind of counter-insurgency warfare we're currently fighting.

    Bear in mind who's fault this is though; it's certainly not the soldiers.
  6. Does this article not summarise what has been debated at length in other threads here. I'm not sure many will be shocked or outraged; disappointed, let down and angry perhaps but unsurprised nonetheless.

    Thanks US Para by the way, nice sentiment - I'm sure the boys appreciate it.
  7. I found it quite a kick in the teeth to be told that we are not performing as well as the Americans expect.


    If they don't like it maybe we should pick up our ball and go home...
  8. I too consider the article to be good on the whole.

    I've often wondered what sort of fist the Septics would've made of both Eye-rack and Affers if they'd been subject to the same constraints (lack of manpower, finance, CAS etc) as the British Army.

  9. The UK preaches that we adopt a "Comprehensive Approach" which links the 3 key tennants of Political, Military and Economic power in a coherent manner. Some call the militay element of this the Effects Based Approach to Operations or EBAO. The problem is that the Government fails to deliver on two of the strands leaving the military to dangle on the line. I would also agree that the military failed at the operational level in Southern Iraq (and I was there). We became part of the problem due to the constraints placed on us combined with a lack of proper resources. Which ever way you look at it, the US bailed us out in Basra. Show me someone who thinks we could have mounted the Charge of the Knights!
    We are better (and I use that word advisedly) in Helmand but still have someway to go. It will be the defining policy of the next Government, just thank God it won't be Brown.
  10. No great surprises in that piece.

    Underfunded and overstretched with a realisation that we mislaid some of the Coin tactics that served us well in the past.

    He's right about the bloody lawyers on Ops too.
  11. It's a good article that brings home the point that we are over-committed and under-funded. If the spirit of the British soldier was matched by the politicians, we would have walked all over both Iraq and Afghanistan. We simply don't have the resources to clear areas and retain them. We have to move our assets somewhere else to gain further ground by leaving the earlier area to anyone who just wants to walk in.
    Wouldn't it be great to be able to take one area with a battle formation and leave them in situ whilst another battle formation takes another area? We are carrying out war on the cheap and the politicians simply don't understand the problems. I cannot see any other country in the world managing to do as much as the British soldier does with so few resources.
  12. The best summary I have ever heard.
  13. Just a few thoughts.....

    Again this article says nothing new on the way the Army is funded and supported at the political level....Have we lost our way?

    I would have to say yes but only because the politians can't read a map for sh*t!

    The critique of tactics employed in Iraq and AFG is certainly nothing new and is part of the process of learning our lessons, so we can get right if we have to do it again. However I can't help feeling that by saying this publicly, it undermines the publics confidence in the Army as an institution.

    What did surprise me, was the fact that some in the US Army were seriously questioning our soldiers will to fight and to some extent the leadership displayed by our officers.

    This cannot be right....

    Edited for mong spelling
  14. Well hate to piss on your fire...just like in victorian times until 1949...??...like the russians did...??...obviously history is not your strong point..