Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dontdreamit, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Sorry old bean - Combat Int not my cup of tea !

    Once Ad Astra can find his password no doubt he will give you a complete `DS` answer :p
  2. Have you tried looking under the mousemat / colon paste?

    Shippams just think of everything don't they
  3. I used to work on 50%>30% - the unit was defeated and would probably be withdrawn.
    Below 30% the unit was destroyed and posed little threat.

    Never really counted disabled.

    However, there wouldn't be table in the back of the pink pillow as a Tk Bn losing most of its CS/CSS equipment might drop its CE%, but it might reatin a large percentage of its armour, thereby remaining CE for a period.

    You have to calculate the numbersof eqpt holdings and then do the maths...
  4. YAWN ! The above is why I like coffee !

    Mr Biggles - did not take you too long did it ?
  5. Still resting Mr Marsh? What about your OU?

    How is your alternative, alternative, alternative, alternative alternative, alternative, alternative ICAREC website coming along? I see that your nearest competitor website is up to 67.5 members including 13 operatives and 42 from 5 MI (V) who certainly will NOT have anything to do with those Southern nonces.

    So reassuring to see that constant review and regrading is so deeply embedded in your collective ethos. Now about this new TIGER WATCH / SIPE / ATAV / THREAT! magazine / MI concept......maybe a re-titling parade for the successor of the Marsh Reconnaissance Force? Perhaps a new French Green pullover, side hat or the Joint Service 6 AI Coy cravat. Certainly one to watch at the AoC's next visit. 8O

    A quick time-and-motion study, an MBA and new TRFs all round!
    All we need to do now is to decide where to fasten out stable belts. Let's form a committee: side ? centre? side? centre? side? centre?

    are we nearly there???

    Look out Ginger....Restructuring at three O'Clock!
    Tally Ho !!
  6. Actually, even I laughed at your post above Biggles well done !
    4 weeks ago you would have had me in stitches - or out of them !
  7. having actually met adasstra, i can only say that "Wobbles" would be a more appropriate nickname than "Biggles" ;)
  8. Pot- Kettle: say again all after "having met"
    IIRC shouting "Wnaker !" out the window of my Astra Estate on Brecon High street barely qualifies as "having met"

    Otherwise that ties you down to one of the hooded men at my initiation ceremony then Brother?...
  9. Thats actually quite funny.
  10. THANKYOU ! :twisted:
  11. FLANGE
  12. I see they still have some difficulty finding the colon paste DG?