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I'm off to Kitzbuhel in 4 hours! Enjoy!

Edited to add: Why are you posting on ARRSE when you should be in a bar getting leathered and trying to trap dirty scutters??? man up.
I take it when all the participants in this little jaunt return to work, we aren´t going toget pages of bitching about how you all ha ve real time work to be getting on with, but you had to do something that is out of your job spec.

Like we do after EVERY MI Bn concentration camp? 8)
DesktopCommando said:
Just the Int Corps sending a team was canned, so individuals went anyway's, the Corps Captain from 2007's team will be running with it again this year. :)
Next year I won't pussyout just because another ex gets cancelled on me and then you will see something special.

Win any medals, Desktop?

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