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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Old_Gregg, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. They probably love Little cnuting Britain! talk about flogging a dead horse, the first series was funny........
  2. A 32-year-old man received serious injuries to his arm after being stabbed, police revealed.

    Prick, fcuk off wedgy
  3. ^^^ have you seen that tosser above

    if you have nothing constructive to say then keep ya mouth shut everyone else manages to get on and use the forum why cant you...

    and yeh little britain is cheap humour i liked the andy one with him in wheel chair and the guy whos trying to shag his mates gran but rest are just just shite, i like family guy tho
  4. Who is Wedgy?
  5. duno mate not paying much attention to him there's no need.

  6. Sorry, is this some sort of Comedy review thread now?

    MJ, you cant berate someone for going off topic if you, the thread starter spends most of you posts being more off topic than a Rabbi giving a sermon about anal sex with a wheelbarrow at a Neo-Fascist drinking club.
  7. im not going on at anyone going off topic ...

    im moaning at this guy handing out the abuse for no reason yeh so what im a recruit again going back through phase 1 doesnt mean im not entitled to abit of info and to share what experience i had down there.
  8. Do you get compassionate these days if your mums overdosed on sperm?
  9. When do you get a gun? Is it true you have to do 1000 pressups every morning and do chin-ups with your DS hanging off your cock?
  10. haha funny tw*at i was there upto half way point so i know what the score is with winchester, and i wish ya got fukin quilts it was mid nov when i was down there had fuckin icycles coming off the end of ya cock
  11. Starting to go into chav speak again there....

    Say again all after haha over.

  12. I've just chucked your post through an online translator and it suggested the language you are writing in is 'Mong'.

    You know the 'score' with Winchester but you have no idea about leave? Strange.
  13. And I have undies unwashed been in longer than you!
  14. Great Ive been waiting for an expert such as yourself to ask some questions instead of the wanna bee soldiers like H_T_B, Flashy and Threaders_VM who knows fcuk all with their 40 odd years experience between them.

    1. When do you chose the Drop short (location just before the intended FRV) when out on patrol or travelling to Yorkshire?

    2. How often do I need to change my NBC suit when I go into contaminated areas like Leeds?

    3. What foot do I step away on when i do an about turn when retreating from Chapletown?

    4. Am I allowed to produce a yellow card when my DS at Winchester threaten to fill me in for being a gobby Chav who thinks he knows it all?

    5. Whats the priority for treating a casualty in basic..?
    a) DS with broken knuckle for backhanding gobby re-enlister.
    b) Gobby re-enlister who thinks he knows it all with broken nose.
    c) Rest of the platoon who invites gobby re-enlister into drying room to shut his fcuking gob.

    6. Is it best to learn squddie humour when a sprog and keep your mouth shut, or just gob off like a Chav fcukwit?

    Your a Leeds fan arent you MJ

    hope you give me honest answers and that H_T_B, Flashy and threaders_vm wind their necks in and listen to your weeks of experience in the army instead.
  15. You will need a note from your mum.