Edingburgh Military Tattoo 2009


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Just watched it - one of my annual 'musts' on TV. As always I thoroughly enjoyed it and hats off to all the hard work that went into putting the show on.

I just wonder when they will drop the term 'Military' from it as it becomes more of a variety show each year.

I realise that it raises £100s' k each year but military it no longer is.

Still, I will prob get the DVD later this year around the end of December! :D


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Sat and watched it with wife and kids, even if they talked through bits of it, was still worth watching.

Mind you, most of the talk was along the lines of why not more bagpipes!
lucky enough to see it "live" and again on the box. But still could have done without the chap on the horse. Wot was that all about!

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