Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by poshjock9, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Hiya,

    Starting phase 2 at Blandford on Monday. Just wondering are there any Signal Regiments in Edinburgh for the regulars? I know there is the TA there but thats about all I know!

    Cheers for any help guys.
  2. There are a few signals guys who work in Edinburgh Castle in the HQ, but it all depends what trade you're going into. The Brigade up there has a Sqn from the midlands (two five great) affiliated to it but not sure if it will ever physically move up there.
  3. Yer joking man!! To far for all the toff officers to drive to their west country retreats at the weekend. Wiltshire an Dorset is more their style, and the Mildlands at an absolute push.
  4. Probably won't PD, unless York shuts down.

    There is a Cpl PTI post at Glencorse RSC.
  5. Ah nevermind. Was thinking maybe 2 sigs at York or 209 squadron at Catterick. Once I'm at Blandford I'll hopefully be able to make a more informed decision.
  6. Yeh Hohne. You'll love it.
  7. Why do people joining the Army want to be near home?

    My thinking is see what you can of the world and then enjoy home when you're on leave.

    There are no jocks in Edinburgh anyway.
  8. Lol! Fair one.
  9. Fair point pal. it's an Aussie burgh or suburb I think?? However after 17 years I'm ready to settle the family down, and would kill for a posting to Scotland.
  10. I had one mate.

    Got myself posted a year early 'cause it was sh1te.

    Grass isnt always greener as they say..........
  11. Fair one, It would be nice for that Sqn from the midlands supporting 52 Bde in Afghan to actually be posted up North of the border. To have a regular field Signals unit again in Scotland would, I think be good for the Corps plus KAPE.