Edinburgh Tattoo

Ever since a member of the family lost my one and only copy of the 1884 Edinburgh Military Tattoo, i have been trying to get my hands on another without success.
I took part in the tattoo with the Junior bleeders PT display team and my time in Edinburgh brings back fond memories. So i am keen on tracking down another copy.
I'm not sure if i am using the correct forum but i would be grateful of any feedback. I've tried contacting the Tattoo shop but they only have videos going back to '90.
I'm almost resigned to the fact of no success but it thought i might stumble accross someone who has their own copy............clutching at straws i know but it is worth a try.
I got a tattoo in Edinburgh once I was pished its in Chinese I believe it says beef in black bean sauce
camman said:
Have you tried the BBC who may well have done the televising of the event?
Yeh..... I've sent a couple of mails to the BBC, no reply.
I've even contacted the Tazmanian Police force who appeared the same year, same response.

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