Edinburgh Tattoo / HELP

Discussion in 'Travel' started by ACMN_INST, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. G'day all, I'd like to attend the Tattoo this year but $$ is a bit short. I can afford to get there, but can't afford the premium rates that will be going at that time of year. I'll be travalling with my Dad, a 70 yo retired MAJ, and myself, a currently serving SGT. The MAJ is still fit and able to get around, but retired means pension which means budget. I'm looking for someone to help us out with accom and a little transport. In return I can only offer the same hospitality here in Aussie. I'm of Scottish extraction, some convict thief bstd from 200 years ago I think, and would like to come back and drink Scottish beer, chase Scottish lasses and have a good time watching the endinburgh tattoo. If there is anyone who can help, let me know so I can get accross there. This is something that the old MAJ and myself have wanted to do for some time. If I don't get accross there for this one, I don't know if the old bloke will hang on for much longer. Now don't anyone send a picture of some jock's arm with a tatt on it.

    Cheers, right gun unloaded.
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Give em a call Tourist Office or email them. May be able to suggest cheaper places, sooner the better.
  3. Thanks Cow, I've had a look and am making enquiries.
    I've been looking forward to this for about 30 years.
  4. Check PMs..
  5. Check your PMs
  6. hi i went a few years ago and stopped in the ibis well priced and situated at the bottom of the royal mile pub called the tron across the road clean and tidy would recomend for you and the maj . but looking at previous posts those scots already queing to give you digs good look and enjoy :D
  7. Cheers mate,
    Just been informed by the 'visitscotland' mob that there are only a couple of seats left, and they are singles in crap spots.
    Intent now is to delay until Tattoo '09.
    (lets hope the old MAJ can hang on another year).

    Right Gun Clear
  8. There are seats left but you have to visit the tattoo box office and be really polite with lassie there she got me 2 seats together after trawling every day and finally got mrs tigress a seat next to me.
  9. Other than this site, do you have any Military Connections in the UK. If you do then get them to contact HQ 2 Div. They receive many free tickets for the dress rehearsals.

    Or you could just be really necky and call them yourself to try and finangal some hospitality.