Edinburgh Tattoo - 1979

I dont suppose anyone has a copy of the Edinburgh Tatto from 1979 (there has got to be an anorak out their)

One of my colleagues is leaving the forces after 24 years, and many many moons ago - he was the poor little bugler on the ramparts trumpeting out the last post in the 79 Tattoo.

I just would love to scare him - and have the audience at his dining out p155ing themselves with him in his little Kingst Tp uniform :thumleft:

cheers for that

I telephones the tattoo shop, who put me onto the BBC, who directed me to Archives, who re-directed me to someone else, who then gave me the number of someone else. Eventually I got through to 'contibutors section' who will see what they can do once Ive completed the relevant paperwork.

Thanks for the link to the photo gallery - I'll do a powerpoint job if I dont have any luck with archives

many thanks matey

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