Edinburgh Tatoo 2008 tickets wanted

Hi there,
Seems that tickets for the abovementioned feast of musical entertainment have already been either sold out or snapped up by agencies charging a ridiculous amount for them.
Any suggestions as to how to get hold of any? Is it too late and will I have to resort to kilt wearing touts?
Any pointers much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
People do cancel and return their tickets to the booking office but the waiting list is usually pretty big.

http://www.rennies.co.uk/ usually run coaches from Dunfermline at reasonable ie non ticket tout prices but you have to board the bus in Fife to get your ticket.

Failing that book early next year or pay the price this year.
Tickets for this event usually go on sell about Sep/Oct time on-line with the homepage. Nearer the time there will be loads on Ebay, but as you say you will pay for them.

I have mine though!
bjorn, if you are Brit Military you can apply for complimentary tickets through HQ 2Div. This is for the dress rehersals, so quite a few available.

If you are a civvy then you will have to queue at the box office - you may get a seat you may not. They do not sell all the tickets online.

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