Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo - on now BBC1

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oldmuso, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. BBC 1 now!
  2. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just started watching, who were the marching girls with the guns? Unusual - even for Edinburgh!
  3. They're Highshcool girls from Taiwan.

    The kids on bikes are great though they remind me too much of the chavs who blast around on their minimotos in the neighbourhood I live in.
  4. from Taipei
  5. They were very good, precision perfect with the weapons drill and some of them were very attractive as well!! :eek:
  6. First Girls' Senior High School Honour Guard & Drum Corps, from Taipei as the man said. Short skirts, clearly very cold. A couple of them were clearly suffering and dropped their rifles when I saw it live (imagine chucking an SA-80 around like that - no fun at all).

    The Beeb cut quite a lot, though. The "Military Music Through the Ages" that they dropped was very good - they even had a "Road to Amerillo" skit in (not as good as the real thing - no portaloos for a start).
  7. Was it my hearing or did the commentator say that the Princess Elizabeth had married LOOtenant Mountbatten. I'm pretty sure that's what I heard.
  8. Thoses lasses are 17!! Pretty good for that age.
  9. The Mrs complained about that too. Probably tuned down for the hundreds of Septics in the galleries.
  10. Not biased (okay just a bit) - but this is the ultimate display of British Military music that brings the bulk of the British public back in line supporting British forces. How often do they see any other troops on parade other than military bands????

    I was at The Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo and the multi-national audience on that night stood in complete support of what they had witnessed and they were 100% behind everybody in Iraq and Afghanistan - the standing ovation when support for our troops was asked for proved that. I agree the BBC editing cut out some important military musical moments - but go to Rhythm Force on September 21st at Kneller Hall and you will never see your Regiment's band in the same light again!!! This is highly recommended - it is brilliant!!

  11. piccy for you


    I saw a bit of it - British military bands top class as ever. Last saw it maybe 20-25 years ago. Contribution of regular military bands seemed a bit thin on the ground compared to what I remember from back then, but I suppose you've got quality if not quantity.
  12. Least by watching this tonight I got to see the bits that were missed out of the Preview performance, namely the IMPS Motorcycle Display Team & the bits that were obscured by a load of photographers. Plus, I also got to see Mr Mouse_Potato march past a couple of times which was an added bonus.

    Can't say I'm the biggest fan of bagpipes (which is an understatement to say the least) but I have to admit the massed pipes and drums sounded bloody great.

    I was a bit disappointed they didn't show one bit of that section, esp. the famous 'Is This The Way To Amarillo?'. Guess I'll be buying the DVD now.
  13. Re regular military bands thin on the ground - as an example every regiment in Scotland 20 years ago had their own band. We now have 1 regiment and 1 band!!! (Plus a couple of TA bands - for those that don't know Pipe Bands are not part of CAMUS and each of the new Scottish Battalions still have their own individual Pipes and Drums, manned by regular troops)
  14. It all sees a bit thin on the ground these days filled up with a range of dodgy re-enactors, other pseudo forces and kids.

    Not sure what can be done butI rue the day when the Legion of Waltiersmen (cursed be their name) tent peggers are followed by the National Orphan choir of Mali, the East Midlands Land Rover Restoration Society and the Tennesse Number 7 Volunteers (fat blokes) militia or something equally as sh1t.

    As a showpiece of British Forces it could be a lot better.
  15. Which re-enactors and which military vehicle restoration society do you believe you saw in this year's Tattoo?