Edinburgh reserve units?

I'm interested in joining the army but having a young family at the moment thinking the reserves will be better for just now! I'm leaning more towards 4 para but would like to know of any other reserve units near and around Edinburgh!
Thanks in advance for your answers!

Randy McStab

PM me if you would be interested in Military Intelligence, we would be happy to have a chat an tell you about the process.

4 Para are a great unit too. For both units you need to pass quite an indepth assement process.

Other units in the area include SNIY, Royal Artillary (105), 32 Signals and 154 RLC and 6 and 7 Scots Infantry. All good people, and interesting.


7 Scots are not Edinburgh based, but 6 are.
Also medics down in Granton. Worth checking out all above to be honest. some have a lot less on a training night than others, so turn up on a training night or training weekend.
Also find out what the plans are for them as the REME turned up for a few years and moved. The Signals might rerole I heard.
Depending on whether you live in Edinburgh, or near it, there are 6 SCOTS detachments in both Bathgate and Galashiels; both within a short walk of the railway station...


This is the current website for the Signals Squadron referred to earlier:

32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment - 61 (City of Edinburgh) Signal Squadron

(Note the difference in the number of the Squadron used in the URL as opposed to the text. They used to be 61 Squadron back when I was in its parent Regiment, but now my old Squadron's split in two between the Edinburgh and East Kilbride locations and changed its number to 51 Squadron.)
Thanks everybody for replies! I went to see 4 para but couldn’t get fit enough before I had to go to glencorse! But I’m still very interested in joining the reserves would my 4 para application go against me? Also anyone got experience with being in a unit stated in the other responses?
205 Fd hosp have a det in Edinburgh. They're a good bunch of folk but it really depends what you're looking to get from it and what role you think you would fill.
Army Reserve units in Scotland - British Army

Have a link to what could probably described as the definitive source. I won't make the obvious comments about not appying for 5MI until you've brushed up your research skills as I've met them and you'd fit right in.

Only joking, I love you all, you mars bars battering, Buckfast swiling lunatics. If it appeals, OP, go for a visit: 01642 594949
Haha cheers again! The website used to be good at giving information on reserve units but now I can’t seem to find specific information about units now


Edinburgh is convenient for me as I'm thinking of joining next year. However I am 47, fitness good for my age and qualified for either Officer or soldier. Question is can you apply for a commission if your previous military service was spent as a OR? Don't think the RAF let you, but Army rules may be different?

Not considering a cap badge too exciting, RLC or AGC is enough for me.
However I am 47, fitness good for my age...Question is can you apply for a commission
RMAS don't do concessions for age, AFAIK. Irrespective of age restrictions, you would have to be fit for a 25-year-old, never mind how old you are or what Arm or Service you're heading for...

On my commissioning course, our platoon had a 37-year-old and a 42-year-old. The 37-yo couldn't keep up, and failed. The 42-yo could, and did.


Can you apply if your previous service was as an OR? I run twice a week and also referee rugby, keeping up well. Just not used to sleepless nights on exercise in the field though it's only 6 weeks of hell for the lucky ones!

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