Edinburgh OTC Annual Camp

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by JoeStrummer, Apr 7, 2006.

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  1. Anyone got any info on annual camp? Whats the sketch for the FTX?
  2. edit: wah
  3. Irish Cream, causing as much trouble as usual, I see?

    Perhaps JoeStrummer will be supporting us, possibly as a medic, so it's best not to be a dick, as you are fairly distinctive, you pikey barsteward.

    Joe, we're not entirely sure about the structure of the FTX, nothing's really filtered down from upstairs properly. SillySubbie may know more, or at least he'll claim to.

    From what I've figured so far, it looks like 2 nights in the field, as MTQ1 training doesn't seem to support anything more taxing, about a week into the camp. The FTX will be, as ever, easy. Command Positions look to be taken up by those working on their MTQ3 for the whole time, apparently.

    I've got a vague timetable for the whole camp back in Edinburgh, but I'm not there until sunday/monday, when I'll try to remeber to update this.
  4. hehe

    is it still the case that the ftx is separated into 2 parts, essentially making 2 ftx's?
    thats the last i heard on the grapevine, however the timetable doesnt reveal much i hear.
  5. Yeah, think so, but there's a possibility that one part is an 'equipment day', someone mentioned that this would be sub-unit based. Gunnery!
  6. eh?

    2 days in the field, in the middle of the camp?

    We do about 6 days in the field, 2 'revision' (read bone) days then four on the actual ftx itself - this is the first week of camp.
    Is there such a thing as centralisation in the OTC!?
  7. Its called Commanding Officers

    anyway I think Phil the Greek is attending. There will be shedloads of admin to do.
  8. The whole Edinburgh situation is just confusing me now.....different camp structure, different overall unit structure next year. I really don't understand what is going on anymore :?
  9. Ok hands up who does, or ever did, have any idea what was going on in the mind of the peeps upstairs?
    No? Didn't think so.
    Random juo appointments before changing the command structure totally? Exactly.
    From that chat that I have heard, the ftx is 2 nights at the end of week 1. They've decided that the ftx at the start was silly, and I'm inclined to agree. Phil his dudeness is indeed attending, though probably no.4 coy challenge as opposed to bashering up with us on the ftx.

    Mongoose, due to popular demand, please remove the last 4 letters from your name. Last year we had a 5 day ftx at the beginning, this year with his dudeness has probably taken up at least 3 days.
  10. It was all part of the Great Plan (tm).... well, in reality the FTX has always been an attempt at giving the "peeps upstairs" an idea of assessing everyone in a reasonably systematic way, not just the loud ones (and including those who were legends in their own minds).

    For instance, the whole "FTX at the start of camp" came about at the Macrihanish camp, where it was a short warm-up - essentially an extended "admin in the field" practical, so that people had a chance to sort themselves out before the "proper" FTX. OK, so it involved Garelochhead, but at least it wasn't "let's tab around Arran for a day or two on a huge round-robin" (CO's plan A, scuppered finally by ferry timings thank f***)

    The same person :) got lumbered with the FTX the next year in Ripon, but the timings meant it had to be a) at the start of Camp and b) the only FTX. So we did it again - and turned it into "let's give everyone who's got MTQ2 a chance at commanding something", even if that was only a Recce patrol. The next year at Folkestone, it was getting to be a habit, and the art form was fitting a useful exercise into a postage stamp of a training area...

    The disadvantage of the FTX at the start of Camp is that it's a rude shock to everyone's system, a deployment nightmare, and the FTX isn't a "grand finale". The advantage of doing it at the start is that it gets everyone working together, thinking "army not student", and leaves you huge amounts of time to sort out post-exercise admin nausea.

    The realistic limit of an OTC FTX is to get people at least thinking about administering themselves in the field, carrying out basic battle procedure, and operating at section level; with really simple platoon stuff at a push. Anyone who suggests "a final Coy attack to finish" is making a brave decision (read: hugely ambitious, I only ever saw it actually work once).
  11. Bashering up with us in the field? Now, THAT would be a PR exercise if ever I saw one.............. :D
  12. Could be amusing- I know he's famous for his un-PC-ness, he'll certainly have friends in the unit if he decides to drop one of those famous comments amongst us!

    No 4 Coy challenge should run a lot smoother this year if His Greekness is about.

  13. I'm sure the staff would appreciate feedback on last years challenge to take forward for this years event (even if its sent anonymously)
  14. Phil in the field:

    "Look at them running around like ........s in a ......."


    "Who built this tent? Looks like it was put up by a ...... (insert racial slur here)"


    "How do you keep the students off the booze long enough to get them to do anything"

    Actually the last one is probably justified.
  15. Where is your annual camp? Are you split into different platoons? (e.g Inf, Sigs etc)