Edinburgh one oclock gun.

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by tedrogers, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. Okay don't shoot me down here.

    I was really bored today at work and using a combination of satelite photos and tourist websites thought it would be fun to try and find out where/what the one o'clock gun is aimed at. Got all the data (assuming initial trajectory is 15 deg, edinburgh castle is roughly 85m above sea level and a light gun is used.) but screwed up majorly somewhere as got range to be 26.4 km. Not actually that good at using microsoft excel though - can anyone put me out of my misery/point me in the right direction?
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  6. Actually it's a BLANK charge so nothing comes out of the end. Think we'd have had some negative feedback by now should we have been lobbing rounds into Edinburgh. Light Gun fires on max at just over 17k's (10.3 miles) so, should you inadvertantly load with Ch Super, get data from some civvy who happens to have FT's with him and presuming AMC isn't in force you could quite happily take out gardens in Bonnyrigg, Dalkeith, Cockenzie and Port Seton and make a hell of a mess on the Forth Road Bridge. I thank you!
  7. Where is it aimed at though? 6 fig grid ref pref...

    Know the angle of trajectory, the location of the gun and its bearing (assuming the castle is around 85 m above edinburgh). Also know muzzle velocity, wieght of projectile etc.

    Did massively long calc taking into account wind resistance (assuming zero wind speed and air temp/pressure has negligable effect.) came to around 26.4 km, also did really simple calc which came to just over 25km range. Surely firing tables are just for convenience and it must be really easy to calculate this without.. (just had another moment of boredom,) apart from a life what am I missing here.... ?
  8. I shudder to think what an entire generation of terribly clever people at Eskingmeals would think of this statment, but there you go.

    The max range of the Lt Gun is 17200 metres. You now need to provide the bearing the gun is pointing into (preferably in mils - simply multiply your degrees by 17.7) and what elevation (QE) it is at (i.e. what amount of 'up'). Someone could then very easily work out (using Firing Tables) where the gun was pointed at - to within a few hundred metres or so, anyway.

    Which is pretty much all we do as it is, come to think of it.
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    People, please for the love of all that is holy, get something better to do. :D
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    And then drop short 8O

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  11. "where/what the one o'clock gun is aimed at"

    Just checked www.multimap.com

    = Denmark

    So I was Infantry !!! :D
  12. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you don't know.

    The simple equation I used was: range = ((vsquared sin 2 theta)/2g)[1+(1+(2gh)/(vsquared sin squared theta))to the power of 0.5]

    where v=initial velocity of projectile, theta is angle of trajectory g = 9.81m/s2 and h is the hieght of edinburgh castle.

    Did a much longer one too, but it didn't work either and think it might tax my brain too much writing it out.
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    You can't be agunner you're too clever!
  14. I love how many comments along the lines of 'drop short' we get from complete wasters. If 'Auld Yin' has ever been remotely near live OS, I'm a Frenchman. Cue really amusing rejoinder from the 'man' himself.

    If you aren't going to add value, please don't bother lurking around the more esoteric parts of ARRSE, and keep your inane blithering to the NAAFI with all the other walts and time wasters.


    That's exactly what I was getting at. Do I need to provide a powerpoint presentation next time? Wake up.
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