Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MikeMcc, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. On the box now (BBC1)
  2. Oh, so it is!

    I was wondering if that was what I could hear from upstairs.
  3. who are the fat septics?
  4. Are there going to be any actual military displays in this "military" tattoo? This is normally one of the best things on tv.
  5. Missouri State University Marching Band
  6. Obviously will be later, leading to the Lone Piper. First part is usually the international displays that highlight who far British (and particularly Scots) culture has extended around the world.
  7. Ahhhh the Lochiels, My favourite.
    Put the Queens colour squadron to shame

    Coleen is scarier than any RSM
  8. The young ladies from NZ are particularly nice


    Not to mention that their marching drills can put every other b*gger to shame, marching backwards without colliding FFS!
  9. nice arrses as well
  10. Marching Backwards is a skill,
    very easy to do on a beach in south Africa during rehersals with the Lochiels, Not so easy for the first time in a full stadium whilst wearing Spurs.
    But then we would never do anything as stupid as that.?????????????????
    Rama You are a Legend
  11. Could have sworn I saw a Viking on jet powered skis fly past briefly :?
  12. No military displays this year, Think the Army is kind of Busy at the moment. I used to love the Bootys death slide from the castle
  13. The Norwegians are impressive - particularly given that they joined last year for their 12 months National Serivce! I wonder if British national service people would be as good.............
  14. Is anyone else becoming unusually excited at the sight of young Scottish maidens jumping around in tartan? :D

  15. RM Corps of drums putting everybody to shame (yet again!)