Edinburgh march today

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by MrPVRd, Dec 18, 2004.

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  1. It was a good turnout today in Edinburgh - the BBC website estimated "hundreds" of campaigners but it seemed to me there was up to a thousand, with the same number of spectators lining the south side of Princes Street. The regimental associations led off in order of seniority with a few dozen unaffiliated types at the back, myself included.

    The march was well-received with lots of applause from the spectators and one amusing banner atteacted much applause and comments - it read "Hoon's a Balloon" which seemend to go down well. The speeches were good, particularly Brig Barnett.

    The earth did not move and I am sure that TCH is hardly quaking in his shoes at this moment. However, if each of the 2,000 or so marchers and spectators tell 3 friends "don't vote Liabour" and their 3 friends tell 3 friends each, then that is a message sent directly to 54,000 people. Add on the media coverage also, and a clear reason not to vote Liabour has been sent to a lot of people. This will influence them in deciding which box to tick at election time.

    On the face of it, regimental amalgamations and cutbacks may not seem crunch issues to change people's votes but there are other factors involved. The Scottish Parliament is very unpopular because of a massive overspend on its own building (funny old thing) and poorly performing health services (worse than England and Wales; there are at least 3 unpopular hospital closures/mergers I could list off the top of my head) with council tax increases. Add onto that the unpopularity of the Iraq war and this gives a potent brew for dissent. Now, the MSPs are not due to stand for election until 2007, but the argument that "health is a devolved matter" probably won't register too highly in the minds of voters wishing to send a clear message to Bliar and Liabour. Watch for a thinning of the Scottish Liabour MP ranks in 2005, and a drubbing for Liabour UK-wide.

    Hopefully the excellent STSR campaign will continue with the fielding of election candidates and a tactical voting campaign. It is crucial that alliances with opposition parties are maintained and built because, under certain circumstances, it may be best to allow a single candidate a clear run at a seat - for example, if there is a particularly contentious hospital closure and a single-issue anti-closure candidate with a lot of local support.

    Selection and maintenance of aim - Bliar out in 2005!
  2. Thanks Mr PVRd. Just seen BBC News 24 report on the march. Looked like an excellent turnout - especially considering last Saturday before Xmas - with enthusiastic support from the pavements. Good interviews with Brig Charles Ritchie and the great Menzies Campbell. The Brig stated that 1 Royal Scots is warned off for former Yugoslavia - NOT Iraq as previously reported.
  3. BBC24 also carried short interview with Gen Sir Robert Richardson.

    This from PA News via Scotsman website:

  4. I was somewhere in front of you, for some reason :) I'd agree that it looked like a couple of thousand from where I was walking. There were even a couple of serving Lt.Cols "wandering down Princes St" at the time - they didn't join in, but it was good to see them out and about....

    ...interesting piece of, err, carefully scripted speech from the Labour Lord Provost of Edinburgh. I took her presence and speech to be about as close as she could come out in support, without her words being used against her by the party faithful.
  5. Hi, I think Hoon is a very resonable man and deserves a lot of respect because his job cannot be easy and if he thinks that the cut backs are necessary well he knows best. After all he is only following the advice of his uniformed staff. Who needs regimental identity it only causes trouble. If soldiers all wore the same cap badge their wouldn't be nearly as many fights!
  6. I smell journo, or someone looking for a punch 8O

    If you feel that way about hoon and the restructuring, have a look around the forums and see what the general consensus on here is, then get back to us.


    agent smith
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  10. I saw a lot of Barbours, moleskins and brogues out and about on Princes Street, more so than normal :twisted: . It was also a stirring sight to see the "old and bold" out, with their rows of medals dating back decades and even to WWII - they look like a sprightly bunch, so it must be good for you!

    I did not applaud the Lord Provost, as the speech sufficed as a welcome but ducked the issue of the day.
  11. Thanks for attending the parade in Edinburgh on our behalf GB and MrPVRd. Unfortunately I'm stuck here in the USA and couldn't make it though I was with you all in spirit. My father estimated the parade at several thousand and said there was a great response from spectators on the parade route. Let's hope it has the desired effect.