Edinburgh homecoming parade for Afghanistan troops

Welcome home lads & lassies & my sincere condolences for your losses.


Soldiers who served in Afghanistan will march down Edinburgh's Royal Mile to thank the public for their support.

Members of 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland and 3 Battalion The Rifles will take part in the homecoming parade on Saturday.

The Edinburgh-based troops were deployed to Helmand Province in October 2009.

During the six-month tour the battlegroup, made up of 3 Rifles and B Company of 1 Scots, lost 30 members.

Soldiers will then be presented with their operational service medals at Redford Barracks.

The troops will march from the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, past some bereaved families and injured colleagues who are unable to march.

Dedicated memorial

Thousands of people lined the streets of the city on Friday as the battlegroup paid tribute to their comrades who had been killed while serving in Afghanistan.

More than 400 soldiers marched from Redford Barracks to a memorial service in Colinton Parish Church, accompanied by the Band and Bugles of the Rifles and the Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Some of the soldiers bore injuries suffered while fighting in Afghanistan.

A memorial at Redford Barracks has also been dedicated to soldiers killed while serving in Afghanistan.
Welcome home and a job well done. Rest in Peace to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Utmost respect for all they've done over there and condolences to those who lost loved ones.
Saw it on the news and know one of the lads who was marching. Well done to them all and heartfelt sympathy for the bereaved families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Deep respect too, for all the others still recovering from their injuries.

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