Edinburgh Festival - Good story from Radio 4s "Now Show".

I was listening to this on Saturday. Amusing, I thought.

Last year's festival, all the arty types are watching this modern dance production about South America, people leaping about in the nude. At the end of the first act a naked bloke is leaping about the stage, he plunges into a deep squat and does a massive shit all over the stage. The lights go down, shock, applause, everyone heads to the bar for intermission, people mumbling,

"Well, that was powerful. What do you think of the alimentary gesture at the end, Nigel?"

"Well, I believe that this represented Guatemala".

"Not the plight of the Cuban people?"

"Well, I believe not....".

At that point the tannoy announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we regret that the second act will not be performed due to illness".

Ah, the pretensions of the festival crowd. Sometimes a jobby is just a jobby. :)

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