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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mrfanastic, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    First off, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section so mod's please feel free to move to another forum if I haven't.

    My long term missus and I have recently got engaged and we're now at the planning stage for our big day, well it won't be that big if I get my way. I got in touch with Historic Scotland after looking at getting married in the castle and after telling the nice lady about my job, she mentioned getting in touch with the Army as its still classed as an active camp and things may be different for serving personnel.

    Now, I'm not actually in the Army, I'm in the RAF (please be gentle) based down at RAF Prestwick. Does anyone on the forum have any information on serving personnel getting married at the Castle or know a good contact.

    What I'm after is availability, prices etc and all the good stuff.

    Thanks very much in advance for any help.
  2. Read 2 Div ROs - you won't like what it says. The summary is that you need to work in the castle or in the Div Hq if I recall.
  3. Why not try for Eilean Donan, the Castle that features in the beginning of Highlander, a Very, very nice setting!!! one to remember methinks... only pity is in recent years they built a bloody tourist centre on the road side of the bridge!
  4. Not quite, unless it's changed in the last couple of years.

    There were a few of the (very, very, limited number of) slots within the gift of the Governor of the Castle (aka GOC 2 Div); that's the way that one of our TA SNCOs got married there. You have to have been a really good boy or girl, that was "OC and CO going in to kowtow before the GOC" type stuff...
  5. I got hitched there in 2002, regs were that you had to have Scottish armed forces connections or be serving in Scotland.

    I was based down south with the RAF at the time but had served (if you can call wet weekends anddrinking cheap NAAFI beer actualy serving) with both TA and RAuxAF units in Scotland and am a sweaty porridge muncher (or whatever it is) by birth at least.

    That seemed to swing it, not bad for a crab! Cheap as chips as the chapel only takes a dozen or so - small "wedding breakfast"!

    Edited to add: I may have the paperwork still somewhere (missus and her sentimentality) so - if you want them and if I haven't chucked them - then PM me with an email address and I can scan them in at work.

    Edited (again): there was a small cost for the venue, I had to put the Padre up in a hotel, I heard a rumour that the Army were considering expanding the use of the Castle to civvies as well at a far steeper cost.

  6. Craigmillar Castle is also very popular and a nice setting (former home to Mary Queen of Scots). I got married there and all my guests commented on how it was not only unique, but the best wedding they had been too........ steeped in history!!

    I've heard that weddings in Edinburgh Castle are limited to a private section, as opposed to you having the run of the place (obviously) and because of that, its not as good.
  8. I hear there's a pretty good castle over in Ireland called Castle Cosey...

    Maybe you could get hitched there. I hear the security arrangements are second to none. 8)

    OK, coat, hat, scarf gloves and taxi. On my way. :twisted:
  9. Mucker got married at Stirling Castle, a good 10+ years ago. The cost was around about £500, as Stirling came under Historic Scotland. The MOD had gifted it away in the sixties.
  10. or if you have been christened in the chapel, this gives you the right to be married there.
  11. I got married in Edinburgh Castle 7 years ago the only requirements were you had to be in the forces and posted in Scotland at the time. I swung a 2 week bluff to the careers office, 50 quid for the chick who played a bit of music on a harp and hey presto a sea of Jap tourists supplied the wedding phots