Edinburgh Castle

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by devilish, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. I've read elsewhere on these forums about free entry to the Castle, does that extend to the rest of the family too?

    At nearly 60 bucks for the lot of us, it would be nice if it did.

    Also I've noticed that it is an automated ticket machine at the Castle apparently, how do you go about using your MOD 90 if that is the case?
  2. Bumped. Anyone?
  3. Not sure about free passes for Service personnel, the tourist side of Edinburgh Castle is run by Historic Scotland, and I do not think they enjoy cordial relations with MOD as they would like to have the place to themselves. And I am sure the MOD would happily relinquish responsibility for security at the most attractive terrorist target in Scotland.

    Getting back on thread, you can visit free for one or two days in November to mark St. Andrews Day. There may be another free day as well, if it is included in the Edinburgh Doors Open Day scheme. Link is here, but I could not spot the details you need http://www.cockburnassociation.org.uk/default.asp?page=119

    If you have buckets of cash then you can save money if you plan carefully. There is a good deal going on the tourist ticket at the moment, although I could not see Edinburgh Castle in the list, so sorry, you will need to check that bit out. http://www.edinburgh.org/pass/howmuch/

    Enjoy your visit, and if you haven't come to rape our cattle and steal our women we'll wonder what's wrong with you.
  4. You certainly did get free entry last year with your MOD90 - show it to the Historic Scotland rep who is normally on the castle bridge. It will only get the holder in though! Be prepared for someone who knows nothing about it, so stand your ground if need be.
  5. Just remembered - anyone can get in free if they are only going to the War Memorial, but you will be escorted there and back. I did it once when researching a name in the lists of war dead. I think I phoned up in advance as well.
  6. Seriously, just say you have business up at the Regimental HQ. Works every time but I don't know if they would fall for it if you have kids with you. I've done it loads of times and I've never been asked for my MOD90 once. The staff don't really understand what the Army/MOD presence is all about so they don't see a discrepancy if you have a girlfriend with you either.
  7. MOD90 will get you for free. Go to the ticket sales on the right after you go through the entrance flash your ID and hey presto you're in for free. Doesn't extend to the family though. Edinburgh castle is still a military castle so they love the military.
  8. Any time I've been I've just flashed the MOD 90 and gone right in, family and friends in tow.

    Look like you know what you are doing and bluff your case !
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Is it just me or is the entry to all this Lack of free/suitably discounted entry to 'Royal' sh1te an things like HMS Belfast a load of old w@nk? I asked at the latter and fair play they are a charity. but with the sheer numbers of tourist group hordes I see around town and the extortionate rates to get into these attractions, they must be seriously raking in the coin.
  10. Thanks for the info guys, very informative.

    I'll probably just try and blag it, nothing ventured and all that. Even if I'm the only free entrant then fair enough.
  11. Don't know about that. The staff there from Historic Scotland are a bunch of co*ks who don't seem to have any particular feelings for the military.