Edinburgh castle

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by brettarider, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. I'm sure I've seen it on here that there is a bar in Edinburgh castle as I'm through there this weekend and planning a trip to the castle any idea what the score is for getting in is?
  2. There is the officers' mess there but thats about all I think.
  3. The RMP are up there,maybe they have a "monkey bar"?

    I'll get me coat.....
  4. Remember it's free, just show your id card to the ticket office, otherwise it's £10 for an adult.
  5. If your after a bit of military history that the tour guides won't tell you,have a look on the big wooden doors at the entrance from the draw bridge. Quite a bit of graffiti and squaddie's names carved into it over the years,many a bored few hours spent on stag at that lonley gate.
  6. Cheers lads will deffo be taking the ID card! Am I right in thinking that if a member of the pubic asks to go to the national memorial inside the castle it's free entry? My G/grandads name is in the books so I wouldnt mind letting my dad know
  7. Last time I heard that was still the case, but the free-entry visitor is expected to go directly to the Memorial and not wander. The Scottish National War Memorial is well worth a visit, especially for those like you and I (and probably most families in Scotland) who have relatives commemorated in the memorial books.
  8. Yes it is, but when i went last year, as hackle as said, i was 'asked' not to wander about.
  9. If you've got your MOD 90 then there are no dramas, you may even try saying that you're visiting the HHQ of....Pick a Jock Regt, Scots DG for example, works for me, then again I am an Ex Scots Grot!

    Wasn't a bar there when I lived there however that was in the early 90's things change.
  10. Yep , good view of the city from the balcony too, not much of a selection of beers though :D
  11. The nearest bar to the castle would have to be The Ensign Ewart,a bit of a tourist trap to be honest. They even have a coded lock to the toilets to keep non customers out.(apparently it's the dates of battles,Waterloo and Trafalgar)
    The Scotsman's Lounge down the road at the top of Cockburn Street is worth a visit for a couple,still a bit touristy,but they do have large collection of Pipes & Drums/course photos on the walls from the various Battalions that have passsed through Edinburgh,and obviously the students from the military pipe band school. Not really a squaddie pub,but there definatly are a few serving and ex that drink there.
  12. Cheers Rudie I'll have a nosey in later
  13. You are free to walk into the national memorial, and look through the books. Might be different in the middle of summer though.
    I found that the missus and I both lost relatives in the Gordon Highlanders on the same day in WW1, came as a shock to the missus as she is Cornish through and through and hates Jocks!
  14. As far as the mess bar goes, I'm pretty sure it is only staffed when there is a function going on. At least the last couple of times I have been there for regimental association meetings, thats the way it looks. The closest bar probably is the Ewart, but it is hideously overpriced- not that anwhere in Edinburgh is particularly cheap... just as said, a proper tourist trap pub.
    Just down the royal mile, if you turn right after the Starbucks on your right hand side, I'd reccomend the City Cafe for getting your scoff. Not too pricey, and really good food there, the mash of the day is always worth a try.
  15. Best scoff is a grotty little place opposite the Scotsmans Lounge at the top of Cockburn Street, sell baked potatos, stuffed with all sorts of fillings.

    A mate of mine does gigs in the Scotsmans, it is jam packed normally.

    If you are desperate for a beer in the castle there is a licenced cafe there (next to the one o'clock gun), but it is expensive.