Edinbugh Military Tatoo

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairy_nuff, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. Um watching this now not sure.

    Royal Nethalands Mounted - on bikes

    Germans in leiderhosen and whips - Jarrod I hope you caught this

    Field gun teams - no wall, or flying angels

    Is this on the cheap???
  2. The navy display on anti piracy was the gayest thing I've ever seen.

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  3. .
    If only modern day pirates still actually dressed like 1780's pirates. Shame really, as I'd probably do it for resettlement.
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  4. The Gun Race is a feeble (and inclusive) shadow of its former self - looks like the guns are now 50% of the previous size & weight.

    Current-day Horn of Africa piracy with....... 17th century white pirates? Looks like the RN are all about PC credentials, rather than Hearts of Oak....
  5. I've seen it all now - fat ginger Scottish bloke in a hi-vis jacket doing the Highland Fling.
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  6. Just finished watching it, that was the most pointless display ever. Also the number of bands that had to be put together to make enough to fill the Castle was pathetic.
  7. Jock Sythe
  8. Here's the problem:

    "Private Guest Boxes
    Enjoy magnificent views of the Tattoo performance from VIP seats in the comfort of the exclusive Tattoo Guest Box. Available for groups of two up to 80. Prices start at £250 per person."

    The tattoo has become a demilitarised Busby Berkeley musical for the largely uninterested Cheshire set.

    Mind you. Be honest. How many times can you stand watching matelots hauling an H&S approved, plastic gun over a few bollards.
  9. Good to see that the Gebirgsjager looked ready to annexe the Sudetenland. Again.
  10. .
    I liked the NAZI woodcutters.
  11. His singing was....................... Hmmmmm , how to say it diplomatically?

    Oh yes, that's it. "Fucking Atrocious"
  12. The RM Band was good though. But one of the buglers was a bird, and she was just holding the bugle to her lips, she wasn't blowing (or sucking for that matter)
  13. It's shite and has been for years. The Castle Commandant (or whatever the title is now) is so far up his own arse he's turned inside out.

    I suppose the MOD still provide an inordinate amount of resources for this spectacular whilst Historic Scotland reap the rewards.
  14. Its ironic about the portrayal of the Tattoo as a big celebration of Scottish heritage, when everything in it is actually derived from English or United Kingdom military tradition...
  15. The Band of the Royal Marines is the finest in the world. My grandfather used to play the cornet in the band in the 1940s. He was based on HMS Orion and was probably the worst RM they had on board. Bloody good cornet player, though.

    Shame, though, that the Tattoo has become like a Chelsea Home Game at The Bridge: a pointless festival of running about in order for the owners to make a fortune selling canapes to the VIP Box-dwellers.
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