Edi Stark talks to television presenter and former Royal Marine JJ Chalmers about the Invictus Games and his career in radio and television.

On hearing this programme I thought it may be of interest and encouraging.

Programme description:

Edi Stark talks to former Royal Marine JJ Chalmers. In 2010, when he was 23, and deployed in Afghanistan, he was blown up by a Taliban improvised explosive device which nearly killed him and did take the lives of two of his best friends. Pioneering surgery and rehabilitation took many arduous months but, as he tells Edi, his body and his life have been miraculously rebuilt. His direct involvement with Prince Harry’s multi sport Invictus Games for wounded servicemen gave him back his commando spirit and has led him to a new career in radio and television.
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Link to main page: BBC Radio Scotland - Stark Talk, JJ Chalmers

Direct link to programme, which is available online for 29 days: Stark Talk - JJ Chalmers - BBC Sounds

Link to his wiki page, with link to :
JJ Chalmers - Wikipedia
JJ Chalmers - Wikipedia
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