Edgar Brothers XVI For Sale

Hi guys, I'm selling my EB XVI 16 shot air rifle. This is the rifle that took over the Logun 16. It's a 2011 rifle with a stronger 2007 buddy bottle, Bushnell 4-12x40 scope, Harris bipod. Comes in the original case complete with the EB pellets untouched. Looking for 600 quid any questions just PM me. Cheers lads.

Based in the north east.

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Any particular reason for selling ?


Kit Reviewer
Ok, I take it you don't have many pedestrians going down your street ?
600 'nicker will get you a club membership, FAC application and licence fees, gun safe, membership and insurance from BASC and a new 10/22 .22lr with a brick of 500 rds easy. may be enough left over for a scope and a bit of pimpin' as well.

ditch the blow-jobs, give yourself a good FACin' too.
Interested in the XVi. Have you had any issues with jamming as these seem to suffer with this. Does it come with refil tank ? Have you owned it from new ?

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