Eden Camp Modern History Museum - 10 June 11

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by The_Snail, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. OK, neck(s) on the edge here.

    I was thinking of taking the lad for his birthday to Eden Camp in Malton, N Yorks and mentioned it on my FB. It has now apparently turned into a crawl.

    Nignoy was in chat earlier and he and his missus are happy with 10th June. Bear in mind he is travelling a long, long way and is someone new (old) to abuse.

    Jarrod gave me a linky to the log cabins near there, but we could go to Florida for those prices so this may turn into another camping excursion for you spotters out there.

    I have bed space at my gaffe if anyone has had their jabs, are pleasant enough to me and get Peter Andre round to do the garden before we have a BBQ (would he call it a barbie d'ya think)?

    Oh, and make sure you like gingers if you do turn up.
  2. The Mem Sahib and I are situated a short distance south of Eden Camp and would be willing to offer a bed to anyone who needs it.

    PS When I go on chat all I get is a black square!
  3. That's because you're gay and haven't got Java.

    So that's a partay then?

    Does it count as a crawl?

    Jarrod +2
    Nignoy +1
    Peter Andre
    Popstar (choose where you want to stay)

    Oh and me +2.

    All blokes, wimmen and dogs were included there. Try and keep it alphabetical - my lempiss hasn't kicked in yet and you won't like me when I'm angry.
  4. Its been a while since Catterick!! are rabies,anthrax and malaria jabs still compulsory!
  5. I shall need to check on the pet's leave schedule.....but I'll try to be there been far too long since my last Cheeky drinking teenager harassing, sluggyokeing night out.
  6. I shall reserve your normal suite. No-one else has bagged it yet. We'd best make sure the teenager is working that night as well. Heheheheheee.
  7. I best book the week off work and leave the pet at home then. :excited:
  8. Hope we can come but be careful with the little one no BBQ food.
  9. If you are all stopping at mine, you'd better get busy on that garden first!!!!
  10. No thanks you can do that yourself.