Eddy Nugent & the Map of Africa

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by ches, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. I'm going to sue the authors of this. No, i really am. They owe me a fortune now. I know you pair of feckers use this place & apologies to all if this is reviewed elsewhere. I did check back a cpl of pages & saw nothing.

    Right, where was i? Oh yes, the exploits of L/Cpl Nugent & this new book of 'his' & why i'm going to sue that pair. Simple really, they owe me for:

    A new jumper (coffee down this one),
    skin graft to my hand from the previous coffee,
    a bar of soap cos of the snot bubbles i've had to clean up &
    a pair of jeans cos i think i lagged myself laughing my fooking head off at a tip top sequel to PutB.

    Brilliant read. Only halfway through it but feck it, it can't die on its arse in the last bit. Just a non stop rush of booze, whores, fcuking about & general squaddie hilarity. Sheer quality. PMSL at every page & can't put it down.

    Higly recommended.
  2. terroratthepicnic

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  3. Thanks a lot for the comment and thread start Ches, much appreciated.

    Please send all your expenses requests to me at

    Trap Three
    The Guardroom
    150 Signal Regiment
    Hong Kong Garrison
    BFPO 432

    and i'll see that your reimbursed immediately from troop funds. :D
  4. Just finished this book, excellent read. Just one question reference the C-5 Eddy gets a ride in, i understand the story is part fiction. My question is did we hitch rides with American C-5's? If so why?
  5. Brilliant pair of books! Currently doing the rounds in my Sqn. My Yeoman is particularly happy that he is not mentioned, especially during the 30 Sigs bog wars bit.
  6. I've got both books on my Kindle and still snigger.
  7. It's not a book if it's on a Kindle Devils device....it's just a ******* long text.
  8. Formatted into pages.

    Like a book.
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