Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers....

This is on in the background whilst I work......

What a sorry looking bunch!

"Tune in later to see if he makes it to the recycling centre in one piece...."

What like he is going to get IED'd or something?
Like the way they described one as battle scarred, battle scarred doing what?
Its called working from home and finishing some office stuff off for the weekend....
I salute you sir, watching channel 5 and folding Big issues for the weekend,damn fine dedication.
Boneless pork rectums.jpg
I like how they use the ice road truckers voice,

'its a 40 tonne truck, he has to manoeuvre it round the roundabout taking the 3rd exit, a tricky problem for granny in her nissan micra let alone a 40 tonner.'
Hell..... that beats the sweaty fuckers I've got to work with, her truck's even the same colour as mine. Wonder if she's up for a bit of the old "show me yours and I'll show you mine"
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