Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Romeo_47, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. Get him banned, he has messed the island hes back as i am writing, I'm shooting him with orbit bullets.
  2. I wont be there till 21.00h . Hopefully mit chrome twin Berettass & a mag full of orbit rounds. I promise not to cage you again Ro !!! honest. What has the c0ck done this time ? Is there anybody there with the auth to clear his sh1te away ? Dont ban him just yet anyway , not till I get a chance to orbit the cnut.

  3. He has been banned from some areas around the island, gives us a chance to set some trap bullets at him and then orbit him. It's ok LoneTree. I got a new pistols everyone has.
  4. What everyone has the option of orbit rounds !!! FFS Its gonna be hell on that Island now !! See you at 21.00.

  5. See you then
  6. Can we add Hooah whatever his frigging name is to the list of people that need sorting out? The guy is a grade 1 tool.
  7. He really is so annoying! Please get rid of him!
  8. He's on now, hes not happy he says shut up :D and then said i got him banned.
  9. He's promised to behave himself and been un-banned.
  10. He better Boney we dont want to upset any of the officers on this :D I dont have a problem if he stops all the stuff he used to do and if he acts nicer.